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Hopeful83 Tue 21-Jul-15 19:20:26

If you had an episiotomy with the first birth, what happened at your second birth? Is it likely to tear open? Would they cut it again in the same placw or do another episiotomy in a different place? I'm wondering because if the skin there gets pulled it feels sore and I think if there was a lot of pressure on it it would tear. It's been 8 months. I'm not pregnant but just thinking/worrying for the future. Thanks

lovemakespeace Tue 21-Jul-15 21:19:19

Hi Hopeful I had an extended episiotomy - so the cut they made tore further during the birth. It was a 3a tear in the end.

With my second birth (which was unassisted), I had two second degree tears which were either side of the episiotomy. I was told that might have happened because scar tissue is inflexible. My recovery was very quick from this birth (don't think the tears were too bad).

Although weirdly I think the stitch up job was better the first time around even though more complicated!!!!

I personally was very glad not to tear along the old scar - not sure how likely it would be, but that is my experience. I don't really have any pain there now though - it is just all looking a bit weird ;)

Lonz Tue 21-Jul-15 21:27:22

I had a debrief today. Had an episiotomy and external and internal stitches, not that I knew the full extent until today! She told me it's not definite you'll be cut again, it's not impossible to have an epi first time then nothing next time. The NHS don't usually do episiotomies to prevent tearing, only if baby needs to be delivered quickly etc. I don't see why they would make a different cut on the opposite side if there's one already there... I've thought about that. I've also thought about if you get into hospital and they see you've already being cut once, they'll assume you're okay with having it again! (Bollocks. No way! It was rushed and unexplained!) But I think, and read, that the scar tissue from the epi will tear first, so it's likely it'd be at that angle anyway. Scar tissue is weaker than any of the other vaginal tissues. She also said a water birth, or just a bath, can help reduce anymore trauma to the perineum.

If you find it a problem, try massaging it with Bio oil or something of the sort. Have you been to the doctors? I was given a steroid cream that helped with tightness, but you might need to actually see a specialist if it's on going. I'm going to try and see a gyn to "assess" me and the damage and maybe give me more of an insight as to what would be likely to happen if I stupidly had another baby. One of my issues is that I had a few internal tears that made me loose a lot of blood (and possible cervical trauma) so don't really want to be compromised by that. She told me that if I want it sorted out, basically I have the right (stitches came apart) and I should push to see someone that actually knows what they're talking about. GPs talk sh*t.

nutelladipper Wed 22-Jul-15 09:28:26

I had one and a separate second degree tear with my first and then with my second had the same again but we're new I.e. The original scars didn't tear or cut. So i have four separate scars hmm
I'm having a c section this time!

Hopeful83 Thu 23-Jul-15 00:25:23

Interesting to hear your experiences thank you for responding. It sounds variable then as to how the 2nd birth goes. I have seen by GP but was at my 8 week check so a long while ago. She just said to massage it and that it was sore from nerves knitting together. I think I should get a debrief as that might help to answer my questions about other things as well as it was a traumatic labour with emergency forceps (was supposed to be emergency section but they changed their minds at the last minute in theatre), episiotomy, 2.3L blood loss etc. I'd really rather have a c section next time but won't be allowed one I assume

nutelladipper Thu 23-Jul-15 03:50:57

Yes you'd be allowed one. That's why I'm having one. It's your choice. Xx

NotMrsTumble Thu 23-Jul-15 04:07:58

I had a tear and episiotomy with dc1 (baby in distress, forceps delivery), so two separate areas of scar tissue, and went on to have two further dc with no tearing at all. (& dc2 was a very fast 2nd stage). I think everyone and every birth is different, so there's no way of knowing what might happen. Sorry, know that's not particularly helpful op grin, but thought I'd share that it is possible to avoid second (&3rd) time around.

bettybyebye Thu 23-Jul-15 04:34:32

I had an episiotomy with dc1. Don't think it was huge though as only required a couple of stitches. Had dc2 on Monday, very fast second stage (ie 3 pushes ) and no tearing, just a slight graze that didn't require stitches. Based on your op I would trey to get a referral to a specialist to discuss/review

Lonz Wed 12-Aug-15 17:19:46

Going to bump this...
Does anyone find that where they were cut, the muscle is a lot more lax than the opposite side? I've never been so obsessed with my pelvic floor since having a baby and I always do the exercises but it's still very different to the un-damaged side. I was told the firmness is still there even with scar tissue but I have to really try hard to get it to be anywhere near what it's meant to be.

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