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Any Experience of West Middlesex University Hospital?

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Schods01155 Tue 21-Jul-15 00:37:46

Hi, I am nearly 8 months pregnant and due to move to Hounslow so in the process of researching nearby maternity hospitals. I am a bit nervous given how near i am to my due date so was wondering if anyone has any experience of West Middlesex University Hospital? Was the care good?

mooma3 Tue 21-Jul-15 16:14:01

I had my two there.
I arrived both times at about 9 cm dilated so didnt have all that much to do with anyone but all in all yeah it was all good.
Try to get yourself private room in the post natal ward if you need to stay overnight.
The great thing is that you can drive right up to the entrance and park later so that helps loads.
Most of the staff were very nice.

Good luck and congrats

Kitty149j Sun 26-Jul-15 12:09:23

Had my DS there last October and if I ever have another - no hesitation to go back. I have back problems (broke a couple of vertebrae 20 years ago) and because I mentioned right up at start of booking - all facilities were in place in case I needed them (needed physio at start of pregnancy but after 3 sessions was fine). They were very good explaining what would happen and why (I'm an older first time mum) and really good with questions. In end b/p started spiking week before DS born so I was induced for both our sakes (was trying to avoid that option) and care I got was excellent. One thing - take ear plugs.....not for the noise of aircraft coming in to land but for the husbands who accompany their wives at night, kip in the armchairs next to your bed and snore so loudly that they drowned out the jumbos coming in to land (how that woman sleeps through her husband snoring I have no idea.....and mine isn't too quiet either but at least I prod him awake when he does snore!).

SweetDreamsAndFlyingMachines Sun 26-Jul-15 12:25:59

I had mine there a couple of years ago. Pre-natal care was really good, as was the care on the labour ward - the midwives were great. Post-natal care was ok, definitely ask for a private room if available. Negatives would be the bathrooms were not very clean, and as it was the weekend it took forever to be discharged as there was only 1 doctor on, but overall it was a good experience and I would go there again for #2.

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