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GWH private rooms

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Ricky66 Mon 13-Jul-15 00:53:17

Hi all,

My wife is expecting in November, she mentioned that when she gave birth to my two step children that she had a bit of a tough time on the ward (difficult to sleep, not much privacy).
Has anyone booked a private room at GWH ? How much do they cost and are they worth it?

My wife is having a section so won't be in and out.

Thanks in advance

Topsy34 Mon 13-Jul-15 10:15:39

You have to ask i think, they have 18 rooms, and you can request one. Usually hospitals do it on 'need' basis, i would ring the ward and ask them about it

Ginger100 Thu 16-Jul-15 22:16:00

Hi, I had son at GWH. It is important you register that you want a private room as soon as you are admitted in labour so they can try to allocate you one, cost was 150 pounds I think- was high on pethadine- but its that price no matter how long you stay so you don't pay per night just per stay+ you get a free car pass. Was it worth it- yes 100%- they are ensuite, partners can stay, theres no other screaming babies and you get privacy- door and a curtain! I would say I felt pressured to go home I think they wanted my room so insist on staying as long as you need- we were readmitted after 3 days as baby not feeding and ended up on children ward which I would not recommend with a new born xxx

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