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visitors post elcs?

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ribbitTheFrog Sun 12-Jul-15 17:50:19

Hi, I'm due to have dc2 in a few weeks by elcs. On the day of elcs I'll have dp with me and dsis will look after dc1, then later in the day dsis will visit baby and I in hospital.

I'm keen to establish breastfeeding and not suffer too much intrusion on day 1, so no other visitors then. However, both sets of grandparents will be keen to meet new gc, none live locally. What's best advice here? I was thinking of having my parents visit on day after birth, maybe for an hour or so whilst I'm still in hospital (I can ask them to leave if need to bf) then maybe pil could visit for an hour the following day?

I don't really want too much intrusion as will look ropey and definitely don't want any grandparents witnessing me trying to establish bf...but at same time I know they'd all like to visit.

Perhaps I'm better off delaying them all a few days like last time? With my emcs it was much easier to delay, as no advanced notice and so no expectations!

WorriedMutha Sun 12-Jul-15 18:02:04

Delay them if you can. The hospital I was in only allowed partners unlimited visiting and others were kept to visiting times only. You should find out your hospital's policy. It is really to stop mums being swamped with extended family at the bedside. You can send instant pics and video so have them visit in a few days when they can be more helpful to you as well.

Andcake Sun 12-Jul-15 18:35:23

On the day after birth I had each set of GP for an hour one after the other - we were home the next day and it was much easier to cater for them at hospital than home.

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