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Anyone been scared about an elcs after horrible emcs first time round?

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ag123 Fri 10-Jul-15 19:34:01

Just wanting to hear people's experiences really.

Had a horrible time with my emcs 1st time round...ds was 11lbs which resulted in an extension to the caesarian wound and 2l blood loss.

My memories of the experience are the doctor repeatedly shouting "come on baby" as she struggled to get him out of the wound, a load of extra people running into the room, me shaking uncontrollably and vomiting, and genuinely thinking I was about to die. I also got an infection afterwards which resulted in a 6 day hospital stay and just an all-round horrible, (and to use an overused word...) traumatic experience.

Although my midwife this time seems convinced I could birth an 11lb baby, and I have been very lucky to be with a 'birth-trauma' team this time round, I obviously would like a much more positive experience this time and am starting to think I should just go for the elcs as the first course of action in my birth plan (i.e. not wait and see if I go into spontaneous labour first).

I just have quite a lot of anxieties about the actual section and wondered if anyone else had had a traumatic emcs and then a lovely calm elcs subsequently?

Shootingstar2289 Fri 10-Jul-15 21:15:51

I feel for you. That sounds like an awful experience but a planned c-section will be so much calmer and relaxed for you. You will also be expecting it.. Recovery should be better too. I understand how you're feeling, I had an emergency with my son, now age 3. Having a planned next week but from speaking to midwives, consultants and others who have been through the same thing - I feel so much better.

Good luck smile

noblegiraffe Fri 10-Jul-15 21:20:48

An ELCS is very different to an EMCS. You aren't in labour when it happens, for a start! There's no rushing, everyone is calm and friendly, your choice of music etc.

turdfairynomore Fri 10-Jul-15 21:22:28

I had emcs with DD. Emergency in the sense of General anaesthetic for me/no DH in theatre/ v poorly baby for a few days (& a very, very bruised mum where she was dragged out at speed!) DS was elcs three years later and it was a piece of cake! Calm, fun, exciting and emotional in a lovely way. I even got to hold him first! DD was born at 10pm and we were both so.poorly that we don't even have pics from the day she was born. No comparison at all!

Hidingbehindclouds Fri 10-Jul-15 22:10:40

Emergency cs with ds after failed induction, failed epidural, ketamine, large blood loss, vomiting, scbu for baby, wound infection, the lot.
Elective section two years later... In at 9am, wonderful epidural, baby out, lots of snuggles, stood up making my bed by 6pm, home the next morning. Thank you very much grin
Congrats on your pregnancy, don't worry

Penfold007 Fri 10-Jul-15 22:16:50

I had a very traumatic emcs, DH was asked to choose me or baby then a horrible post-op infection.

I knew second delivery would be a elcs but baby decided differently and so another emcs. It was much easier, I was still anxious but it was a much nicer experience and recovery.

ag123 Sun 12-Jul-15 18:48:54

Thank you for your replies. I would so like a natural birth but hearing from others makes me think an elcs will be the calmest potential way to go. Very nice to hear what a different experience a section can be from people who have been through both.

iwantkhaleesiseyebrows Tue 14-Jul-15 18:49:52

Hi OP. I was in a similar predicament to you and really feel for you. my EMCS for DD1 was horrific (j-incision with 3.5 litre blood loss and GA whilst they literally tried to save my life - was out for 6 hours and poor DH was terrified)

We nearly decided not to have anymore children (lost DS at 22 weeks with similar blood loss but whole different story). Anyway, memories fade and I had a very calm ELCS with DD2. It was a totally different experience- they can plan for all eventualities so for me blood was in place and I had blood controlling meds. Despite the procedure taking double the length of time (due to adhesions and scarring) the whole thing was very calm and I only lost 700ml of blood.

So ime the two couldn't have been more different.

Good luck OP. With a high risk pregnancy due to your history you should be very well taken care of.

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