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Anyone else had a water birth, followed by emergency CS? What to do for 3rd?

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mebo81 Thu 09-Jul-15 23:33:42

Hello all, I'm in a real 50/50 mindset right now about whether to have a planned CS or to go for a VBAC third time around. A little back story will go a long way to explaining my situation. I had a water birth with my first son and although it was bloody painful and I had a bit of (an unnecessary) panic at the very end, it was a near perfect birth story. I fell again pretty quickly with my second son and unlike the first time (when I had no clue how I would cope or what I'd be doing), I was all set on the birthing unit and was even going to try to do it without Gas and Air. Fate had another birth plan in mind for me though & when I was 38+3 I developed Viral Meningitis and was rushed to hospital. At 38+5 the medical staff were of the opinion that I was recovering slowly and would probably be allowed home to await my labour naturally. Luckily, in the early hours (once my partner had gone home of course!) at 38+6, an eagle eyed (although really that should read ear'd) midwife realised that the baby was in distress and had developed an ectopic heartbeat, so within minutes I was rushed in for a crash CS. He was delivered within minutes and very, very fortunately for us, it concluded with a happy ending as he grew out of his heart problem. My midwife team are hellbent on pushing a VBAC on me and have provided me with loads of lovely/positive VBAC stories, but none of them are even remotely similar to my own experience. I'm finding that there is a huge difference between my emergency CS & pretty much all others I've read about. I wasn't in labour (so I wasn't exhausted or already battered & bruised in that lovely emergency CS way I keep hearing about) and because I was so ill with the meningitis, the CS was a total breeze, as my body was able to fight it as soon as the baby was delivered and my recovery was quick, again in comparison to other emergency CS stories. Also, I didn't realise till now (I'm 31 weeks with my 3rd) how badly that emergency situation affected me. My son had the cord round his neck, he was in meconium and it was only because of the midwife's experience that the distress and danger to the baby was even noticed. I am now in a situation where I know a VBAC will enable me and my children to get on with normal life as smoothly and quickly as possible, however the emergency situation of last time has left me scared of potential risks to my unborn child and I am incredibly fearful that something bad could happen. I guess I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience (exactly the same would be ace!) and what they did and why? Thank you and apologies for the essay!

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