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Is this labour?

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Hughem Wed 08-Jul-15 19:13:55

Hi. Am 40 +2 and had a stretch and sweep today. Have been having cramps all afternoon every 9 (ish) mins since. But it's all in my back and tummy doesn't tense at all. Is this the start of Labour?! I've been having trouble with iron tablets too, giving me constipation (sorry tmi!) So thought it might be that but it's very regular. Had a nap earlier and it subsided a bit but has come back which is making me even more confused! Any ideas?!

tinymeteor Wed 08-Jul-15 19:47:02

Could well be early labour, pain in your back is common with contractions (and period pains for that matter). Best of luck to you grin

ladybird69 Wed 08-Jul-15 19:54:23

Op grin could be, my labours were all in my back and no real contractions until pushing stage. Good luck hugs x

Hughem Wed 08-Jul-15 21:05:20

Called midwife who said it can just be cramps because if the stretch and sweep, but it's so painful it better be contractions!!! Got to just see what the night brings �� if they get to 4 mins apart have to call back.

coneywonder Wed 08-Jul-15 21:09:12

I could have written this post op apart from the sweep I refused mine today but been getting period type cramps a few minutes apart but something is telling me it isn't early labour. I don't know though! Best of luck x

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