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Induction at 37 weeks due to low amniotic fluid oligohydramnios

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lucypurvis Fri 03-Jul-15 22:38:51

I was in hospital last week due to reduced fetal movement and whilst there they scanned me and realised my fluid levels were very low. A later scan said they were 6.5cm, they should be between 12cm and 20cm at 36 weeks.

I have been back and forth to hospital all week to monitor the baby and given steroid injections incase they had to induce straight away. They have now given me a date for induction where i will be 37 + 1.

Im worried as baby is only 3/5 engaged and therefore in my opinion not ready or prepared for labour and the same for my body! Its my first baby and im worried about being medically induced as its not natural although i do understand that its best for the baby.

Does anyone else have a similar experience? ?


Topsy34 Sat 04-Jul-15 00:12:09

Your body is not ready for labour, as you point ou baby isnt engaged and more than likely your cervix is tucked away and closed.

I havent got any experience in your situation, but your best course of action is to ask to see a consultant and ask for the studies they base their course of action on.

In many cases expectant management is an excellent tool to avoid early induction. with some conditions induction doesnt improve the outcome for the baby compared to expectant management.

Bascially, what im saying is prepare some questions and do not be afriad o challenge the doctors and ask your questions.

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