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Starting to loose hope!!

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JRWREN2110 Mon 29-Jun-15 15:04:23

Hi all smile

I just had a midwife appointment at 40+5, all checks seemed to be ok, although her heartbeat was a little lower than usual (normally 146bpm and this week 136bpm) but midwife did not seem too concerned, so hoping that is ok confused. She also tried to give me a sweep, but I have an unfavourable cervix, so she was unable to, booked in again for Wednesday and then I will also be given an induction day. I am so fed up of being pregnant, I feel miserable and I have this overwhelming feeling that I am never going to have this baby! I wish I could just go into labour, all by myself......another week of being pregnant seems like a lifetime, so I will definitely take up the offer of an induction if I get one, just to get a move on...I have had no BH, no show, no kind of feels like my body is just rubbish!

Any hope for me?

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