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How do I know if its waters?

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Doodlekitty Mon 29-Jun-15 12:28:37

38+4 with dc2. Was induced at 40+10 with dc1 so not sure what a normal labour is like.
Had a sweep on Friday due to severe spd. Have had a few bouts of contractions since then but nothing major. Had a show yesterday evening. However, yesterday and today I seem to be leaking a bit. Im not sure if its from pressure on my bladder (ick) or if my waters are leaking. Is there any way to know? Dont want to call midwife to say "I think Im pissing myself"

JinglyJanglyJungleBigGameTours Mon 29-Jun-15 12:32:56

Waters apparently smell like semem, and quite different to urine. You could try putting a maternity pad in? I've not first hand experience though as I never had a show and mine went in a burst!

Doodlekitty Mon 29-Jun-15 12:34:11

Have just put a pad on so will give it a while then a sniff. Wow having children is glamorous!

Purl1Knit1 Mon 29-Jun-15 12:36:03

When my waters went, there was a bit of blood in the fluid, so you could look out for that. But if you're in any doubt, give them a ring - they'll have seen it thousands of times before!

JinglyJanglyJungleBigGameTours Mon 29-Jun-15 12:42:27

grin doodlekitty isn't it just?!

stopeatingbiscuits Mon 29-Jun-15 12:52:48

It sort of feels silky if you rub it on your fingers. Not like wee.
And it doesn't smell of wee...

NickyEds Mon 29-Jun-15 14:10:46

Everything pp have said but also you really can't control your waters (or at least I couldn't!). Don't worry about asking the mw if you're pissing yourself-they get it all of the time!

CarrotPuff Mon 29-Jun-15 14:25:35

Put a maternity pad on and sit still/lie down for half an hour. Then stand up. If you start leaking when you stand up it's your waters.

Doodlekitty Mon 29-Jun-15 19:39:15

Looks like it was not my waters. Which I suppose is good. Another sweep booked for Wednesday.

Not coping very well with the last bit of this pregnancy sad

NickyEds Mon 29-Jun-15 20:57:18

Sympathies Doodle. I'm 38 weeks and not coping very well either. I just want my baby now, I'm too bloody uncomfprtable and I'm sick of being stuck in with a toddler. I stated having strong Braxton Hicks at the end of last week and got all excited but it's all calmed down now and two weeks suddenly feels like forever.

JinglyJanglyJungleBigGameTours Mon 29-Jun-15 21:26:35

Oh, my sympathies too! Time seems to slow to a stop at the end of a pregnancy then start up at double speed once the baby arrives.

If you haven't murdered anyone then you're coping just fine! winkflowers

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Wed 01-Jul-15 14:56:02

Smells like semen blush

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