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Type 1 Diabetic mums

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GoldenPenguin Mon 29-Jun-15 08:44:52

Hi everyone

I wondered if there are any type 1 diabetic mums who have experience of being induced? I'm exactly 5 weeks away from the date I'm to be induced and all of a sudden I'm a bit worried due to things I've heard but I don't know how much is truth or just stories!

could I throw a few questions out here and if you know the answers to some/any I'd be totally grateful for your input.

(I appreciate I can ask my obs team but i'd still like to hear from actual mums who went through it).

Are inductions actually that successful or are the chances quite high that i'll be induced and then have a C-section? I really wanted to avoid a C-section if possible. I've heard that a high percentage end in C-sections.

do inductions take longer or shorter? Some people have said that inductions really speed things up but then others have said it has been drawn out and painful.

Also, I'm worried about the baby. Will an induction really distress the baby? I want him/her not to suffer through the process.

Is there any tips you might have to help possibly have a successful induction/the pain etc?

Thanks everyone.

Scotinoz Mon 29-Jun-15 10:13:29

I'm not diabetic but I've had two inductions. One at 41wks and one at 39wks. Both very successful, and one both occasions waters artificially ruptured at 8am with babies arriving just after 3pm. Drips with both and contractions manageable on gas&air. Babies both quite happy on delivery (and laid back still).

There are a lot of induction horror stories, especially in Mumsnet. My advice is not to read any more about inductions (I did that and nearly backed out of the first one) and just go with the flow. Labour is what it is, and having the baby make it out is all that matters.

GoldenPenguin Mon 29-Jun-15 14:09:58

Thanks Scotinoz

I feel a bit better now. I think maybe I have to trust that the medical professionals know what they are doing and what's best for both me and the baby. They wouldn't do something unless it was absolutely necessary. I'd like to think it'll be smooth sailing but you never truly know for sure!!

mrsleomcgary Mon 29-Jun-15 21:06:39

I'm type 1 and was induced with my first at 38 weeks,and will be again (currently 13 weeks with my second)

Statistically yes,the chances of interventions and complications are higher with an induction HOWEVER that wasnt my experience at all. I had the gel placed at 11am and was showing no signs of being ready to go into labour on my own. Started feeling twinges fairly quickly but when I was examined again at 6pm nothing had changed. A second pessary was put in. By 10pm I was 1cm,at 3am I was 4. At 4.30am DD arrived. It was exactly 60minutes between arriving in the labour ward and dd being born.

I was lucky i know and didnt need to have the drip or my waters ruptured. I asked for an epidural just to get some sleep but the midwife literally pushed the 'epidural man' as I called him to his face because dd wasnt hanging around. Gas and air however is wonderful stuff! Based on my first labour I have no qualms about being induced again.

You will get all the horror stories but honestly,i had every womans dream labour so it's not all bad.

Good luck smile

OttersPocket Wed 01-Jul-15 14:01:14


I'm afraid I don't have an induction story to share but wanted to offer you the best of luck. I'm also type 1 and 32 weeks just now so I appreciate the concerns you have.

How far along will you be when they induce? I've managed to argue negotiate pushing induction to between 39 and 40 weeks but hoping I go naturally before then!

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