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Process of planned caesarian section?

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ribbitTheFrog Fri 26-Jun-15 19:07:22

What happens on the day? I think you're asked to come to hospital early morning, what happens during the day though? My last labour involved an emergency section so I can't really remember any steps other than being rushed into theatre. I think the midwife should tell me the process but I'm getting excited now I'm 34 weeks :-)


Twodogsandahooch Fri 26-Jun-15 19:15:21

Arrived on ward 7am and taken to my room. Given gown and surgical stockings. Quick visit from obstetric reg and anaesthetist. Walked down to theatre around 10am. Spinal anaesthetic performed. Baby arrived soon after. Spent about an hour in recovery and then back to ward. Good luck

trilbydoll Fri 26-Jun-15 19:15:26

The day before i went for a pre op appt and they gave me a photo book with everything step by step.

You walk to theatre, very weird, then there's loads of faffing, then the baby is out smile

Number3cometome Tue 30-Jun-15 10:59:50

(This was 8 years ago, but hoping it is similar as I am due for my csection two weeks today!)

Arrived at hospital 7am, waited in a waiting room with other CS Mums.

Was then taken to a waiting area where baby was monitored shortly and position checked.

Walked in to theatre, spinal block put in, baby out in minutes.

This time slightly different as I am a GA patient (cannot have epidural or spinal block)

I have bloods and tablets to take the day before (ranitadin) and need to arrive for 7am.
Was told the docs & anaesthetist would see all patients first, then decide between them what order.

As this is my 3rd CS I would like to think I am a difficult case and go first i wish haha

Dildals Wed 01-Jul-15 13:46:35

Oh this is interesting. I was wondering the same thing.

Do you have to arrive at 7 regardless of when you're booked in for? (Oh, just read *Number3's post. So it sounds like yes. God, if I need to be there for 7 I need to rethink my childcare arrangements! :-)

Provided all is well do they then put the baby on your chest? Or do they take it first to check 'stuff'? Do they clean the baby up or is it just a check for breathing etc? I guess they (dad) cut the cord first?

I assume they put in a cannula beforehand. What about a catheter, does that get put in after the epidural?

Did you get sent home with clexane injections? I am over 40 so I think I might have to do a week of belly puncturing. The joys.

How does it then work when you're back at the ward? Is the baby being put on the boob immediately? When do you put clothes on him?

Did any of you have a small moment of panic or were you all super relaxed about it all?

(I am totally taking over your thread ribbit :-) )

Number3cometome Wed 01-Jul-15 14:43:18

Last time before my spinal I had a moment of panic, they said if I panicked in there they would pop me off to sleep so that calmed me down.
When I theatre I was calm, in fact for the first time my BP dropped right down!

I've made childcare arrangements as if you aren't there on time you won't be seen. It's a pain but hey like to get going ASAP especially if they have a few ladies.

Be prepared that if there are emergencies you may have a long wait or be asked to return the next day.

My cannula was put in when I arrived - that was fine.
I didn't have a catheter, I've herd that is done when you are numbed.
I went home two days later as I had other issues but this time and going for. 24 hour release.

Baby was cleaned up, airways checked and out next to me. Baby was then taken away and I was cleaned up and stitched.

I then went to a recovery area where baby was given to me for skin to skin and feeding .

I recovered very well and was up later on going to the toilet myself.

All in all was fine!

Dildals Wed 01-Jul-15 15:15:40

Oh, I don't want to be put to sleep! My last EMCS was under GA and this time I want to be aware!

Yes, no sure, I'll make sure I am there at 7! I just need to make appropriate arrangements.

I wonder whether I can keep baby when I am stitched up. No harm in asking I guess.

Was the recovery area a shared room? Last time round I was in a single room for recovery but that may have been because of my particular situation.

crazytyke Wed 01-Jul-15 15:19:40

Not always in for 7am, depends where you are on the list. I went in for 9am for dc2. Fasting from 2am I think.

Arrive on ward, get settled in your bay. Put gown and sexy compression stocking on. Partner into scrubs if he's going into theatre.

confirm your name and dob a million times, plus times you last ate etc.

Walk down to theatre, into anaehetic room. Get hooked up to various machines, epidural goes in. For epidural you'll have to sit on the edge of the bed leaning forward while they work on your spine. Its not pleasant and if you have any calming breathing exercises etc this is the time to use them as you need to stay very still. Once that goes in you lie down and they do cannula, catheter etc. They'll check you're numb from boobs down and once all is sorted wheel into theatre.

Getting the baby out takes about 15 mins, you should be able to have them on your shoulder / partner holding them next to your face for a while when being sewn up. Out to recovery and you should be able to start breastfeeding ASAP. Time in recovery depends on your vital signs etc, once you're stable you'll be back on the ward. Skin to skin and BF is encouraged all the way along.

when back on the ward they'll monitor you every hour or so. catheter out within 12 hours normally

ribbitTheFrog Thu 02-Jul-15 13:56:48

Really useful answers, thank you! No probs Dildals, I like your questions wink

My hospital have said phone them at 630am and they'll tell me when to come in then, I may not need to arrive until the afternoon.

Number3cometome Thu 02-Jul-15 14:08:14

My hospital is 7am regardless of where you are on the list so defo check!

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