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Chelsea and Westminster or queen charlottes

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Cupcakesandlove Fri 26-Jun-15 09:39:01


I have posted a similar story on another thread but I'm looking for people's recent stories on both hospitals. I'm currently under queen charlottes and due to give birth there later this year however the midwife care I have received prior to my babies arrival has been shocking - this includes my scans. I've lost all faith in the hospital and would like any opinions as to if I should change tomchelsea and west

jennyt19 Fri 26-Jun-15 21:41:01

I was booked into Queen Charlotte with my DS. I know it was a while ago but I had the same choice as you and my GP persuaded me to go with Queen Charlotte and I didn't know why until I met other mothers who were due to have their babies at C&W. I too found the midwives at Queen Charlotte totally shocking. I went in with really swollen ankles one day and when I pointed it out to the midwife she looked me straight in the face (not at my ankles) and told me I did not have swollen ankles. She wasn't even prepared to examine them. I wasn't going to argue with her but considering I spent my entire life getting to know my bl**dy ankles wouldn't you have thought she'd at least take my concerns a bit more seriously. She wouldn't even glance at my ankles!!

They also weighed me - as a one off - no idea what the point is in weighing someone if you don't know what their normal weight is and you're not going to weigh them periodically throughout their pregnancy and when they took blood they spent the whole time chatting to one another while the pregnant women queued up. Felt like some kind of conveyor belt thing!

The consultants weren't so bad.

I went to C&W on the other-hand to A&E because I started to get really bad stomach pains when I was about 12 weeks and I was shown into a private room where blood was splattered all over the walls, across the bed and floor. It was horrendous. When I had anti-natal classes they gave us a list of things to pack for the hospital and they said if you have your baby in the C&W hospital you must pack cleaning equipment. When they asked why they were told they would have to clean everything when they arrived - bed, bath, toilet etc.!!! Most people decided to go private after hearing that!!

Having said all that I have to tell you that this was 12 years ago so I would have thought things were improved. Unbelievable that the midwifery at QC's hasn't improved! The consultants were really good it was the midwives that were totally shocking.

In the end I had my son in Kent, near my parents and the care I got there was really good.

I hope you make the right decision.


BoutrosBoutros Fri 26-Jun-15 22:00:03

I had DS in the MLU at QCCH 20 months ago and thought they were wonderful. We lost our first baby and the care we received both times was very good. I did find the standard of midwives improved as the pregnancy progressed - the booking in ones were laughably bad in both cases. I don't have experience of the labour ward so can't comment much but Nct friends were there and of 3 who gave birth on the labour ward, 2 felt they were treated very well and one did not have a good time.

No experience of C&W I'm afraid but thought I'd share! I would happily go back to QCCH in future.

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