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Episiotomy infected and gaping - how long to heal?

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starfish12 Fri 26-Jun-15 09:11:59

I gave birth 6 days ago which ended in forceps and episiotomy. My wound is now infected and I have a gaping hole which frightens the life out of me. It's probably only 2cm long and 1cm deep but it looks so awful.
Anyway I've done all the things you are meant to do - got antibiotics, strong painkillers, bathing for 5 mins x2 a day in tea tree and lavender and airing the wound as much as I can.
I'm desperate to know how long it will take to heal... even if not completely healed will it get to a point soon where I can leave the house and feel a bit normal? Doctor said 6 weeks but I can't stand feeling like this for that long?
I veer between being ok and just getting on with it and being so tearful about it - I went for a VBAC so I could still look after my 20 month old but I just can't at the moment and it's breaking my heart. In fact he barely acknowledges me. I half wish I'd gone for an elcs now...
Thanks in advance!

Catsgowoof Fri 26-Jun-15 11:03:29

Once the antibiotics kick in you'll feel a lot better. Mine got infected started antibiotics day 4, went for a walk in the park day 8, by 2 weeks was out and about normally, by 3 weeks had (not particularly comfortable) sex

herethereandeverywhere Fri 26-Jun-15 21:22:16

mine took months (sorry). The worst was over after about 8 weeks but small nick stayed open and bled if touched for ages.

johendy Fri 26-Jun-15 22:35:49

I'm sure once the antibiotics kick in the pain will start to go or at least feel a whole lot better. I felt significantly better after 24-36 hours, as in I could walk, roll over, sit without crying in pain. I started antibiotics on Sunday afternoon and was walking comfortably enough on Tuesday to get to the local cafe. Though mine was an infection not a split.

I'm not sure about the hole though. Talk to your midwife. I know women get things fixed up later but perhaps a couple of stitches now might be possible and preferable?

Good luck with your recovery.

Daffodil1210 Sat 27-Jun-15 02:21:14

I had an episiotomy and 3rd degree tear due to back-to-back and forceps delivery 5 weeks ago, and my episiotomy stitches opened. I was also put on antibiotics (twice!) and did the baths etc. I was also absolutely terrified that I'd never feel able to get out and about again and that it would never heal, but mine started to feel a bit better after about 1.5 weeks, and was able to drive to the doctors on my own with DS at 2.5 weeks, and I'm now relatively ok (no need for painkillers and making regular trips out!)

In terms of the wound, mine was about the same size as yours and is healing well. Once the antibiotics cleared the infection I found it got better much quicker, and although it is still not completely healed it is feeling (and looking!) much less scary and is now nowhere near as deep. My GP was really good about it and had me in every week to check on it and make sure it was healing ok.

I'd definitely say keep up with the baths, and also try to do as many pelvic floor exercises as you can as I'm convinced they've helped me heal quicker. Oh, and painkillers are most definitely your friend! smile

Good luck and I hope you start to feel better soon x

Chickenfillets Sun 28-Jun-15 08:09:52

My stitches came undone and got all infected. Went to my doctor and he took them out and said it's one of the worst infections he's seen. I couldn't sit down, couldn't bend, couldn't do anything. He gave me a give a 5 day course of antibiotics and said by day 3 I should feel like a new woman. And I did! Was still a little sore but could finally carry on with everyday life. He also told me to stop the baths and lavender oil. He said just take a shower daily, and end the end of the shower just give the wound a quick douche with warm water. It was such a relief for me, the midwives told me it wasn't infected and just to keep bathing it. Waste of time. Thank god for my doctor. My ds is 6 week on Tuesday, me and dp dtd last weekend totally pain free so the antibiotics worked a treat for me and very quickly.

Chickenfillets Sun 28-Jun-15 08:12:14

Oh and my tear was quite bad, midwife was stitching me up for over and hour and doctor said I had really bad raw grazing confused

OmmSaleem Fri 03-Jul-15 11:01:55

Hi Starfish. I also gave birth 12days ago and had episiotomy. I got piles and was severely constipated, my stitches got infected and start losing which made me went back to the hospital for a checkup. The dr said I have to be restitched again! (Even though now I get to know that you don't get restiched until ure infection-free) so I was restiched. (Forget about the agony I went through sad
3days later the stitches start losing from my bum upward (I had a mediolateral epi) because the infection hasn't cleared yet. I was devastated and kept crying becos I got a gaping hole down there and certainly looks scary. I do take antibiotics and painkillers I don't feel pains and the infection is clearing but I'm so down! People do tell me that it will heal by itself but I'm so scared and I think it's not going to ;( my mum and aunt reasurred me bcos they went tru the same thing and healed.
I'm able to sit and have a little walk. I have shower 3x a day with warm water + sitz bath with salt. And I take stool softner for constipation. (Unable to poo also delay the healing)
Sorry for TMI. Glad I'm talking to someone in same situation. I hope u do get better!

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