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Am I being dramatic?

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Cloe2014 Thu 25-Jun-15 04:36:40

I'm 39 wks first baby and the past two evenings I've been in pain in my lower back and down below like a burning/stabbing pain, I usually get this pain when walking so presumed it was pressure as MW said head deeply engaged. I keep thinking it's the start of labour but every night goto bed and sleep waking up feelin fine. Last night I really did believe it was starting as it felt like I needed to pass a bowel movement but now I've woke up fine again and thinking is it just usual aches n pains with pregnancy and hoping I'm not being a big baby confused

karbonfootprint Thu 25-Jun-15 04:51:11

Of course you are not being dramatic, it is going to happen soon, and you are hyper aware of any feelings or changes.

Good luck! xx

Cloe2014 Thu 25-Jun-15 04:53:47

Thanks x I'm so nervous about it all , I just pray I don't have to be induced because I've been reading some horror stories about it shock . I've also read a lot of ways to try bringing labour on and tried most but I just think it will happen when baby is ready x

sugartees Thu 25-Jun-15 04:59:24

No you're not being a big baby smile It's normal to have aches and cramps etc as you get towards the end. I used to feel like there was a bowling ball down there sometimes! I think the main thing to focus on is being able to sleep - get as much rest as you can because when your contractions do start you won't be able to sleep through them.
Call your midwife if you are concerned about the pain though.
I had cramps on and off for a week or so with my DC2 and felt just like you (DC1 was induced so I had no idea what natural labour would be like), kept thinking "is this it?". Hang in there, it won't be long now (am replying as I'm awake feeding 2wk old baba). Good Luck smile

jugglingmonkey Thu 25-Jun-15 06:16:23

Yes, the stabbing down below is very common. I had DS within a week of the first stabby pains. Good luck!

jugglingmonkey Thu 25-Jun-15 06:16:42

But no, you're not being dramatic!

Koalafications Thu 25-Jun-15 11:17:46

Please don't listen to any horror stories about being induced, everyone is different. I was nervous about being induced and then when it happened the worst bit was them putting the pessary in and that only took about 30 seconds.

soloula Thu 25-Jun-15 22:37:25

Google positive induction stories to try and put your mind at rest! smile Out of a group of us who were all pregnant within a few months of each other the one friend who had a really good easy short labour was the one that was induced so they're not all bad.

Cloe2014 Thu 25-Jun-15 23:58:45

I suppose everyone is different and no one birth is the same , I went to midwifes today hoping it was my last and baby comes . She suggested sex , said it's the only proven way to start labour grin

MabelSideswipe Fri 26-Jun-15 00:08:01

Sex is not actually proven to start labour so she is wrong there (helpful).

Cloe2014 Fri 26-Jun-15 00:59:52

She said there is something in the sperm that is used to induce labour envy

LucyBabs Fri 26-Jun-15 01:04:15

Thw only thing that will start labour is the baby in your belly cloe wink

I was induced and it wasn't a horror story. Everyone's labour and birth is different.

Best of luck, won't be long now smile

Cloe2014 Fri 26-Jun-15 01:08:41

Thank you , I'm thinking now I should just let nature take its course and enjoy the peace while it lasts smile

applecore0317 Fri 26-Jun-15 06:20:29

sperm is meant to ripen and soften the cervix, but as far as I am aware you would need a lot of it smile

ovumahead Fri 26-Jun-15 19:08:56

Walking should help too. Good luck. Sex is supposed to help as the same hormones in sperm as there are in the pessaries they use to induce labour. Apparently. But no one really knows exactly what starts labour so no one thing likely to work! Have heard that it's baby's brain releasing something that actually triggers it so maybe some stern words with your bump?!

Cloe2014 Sat 27-Jun-15 00:23:38

I'm just so fed up of being pregnant now , I haven't enjoyed any of it really because I've been ill throughout and now I'm coming to the end I just want it over! I think these past two weeks have been the worse although I haven't been ill I just so uncomfortable unable to sleep during the night I'm exhausted but as soon as I come to bed just lay wide awake! And now apparently we are going to get hot weather .. I've never wished for cold rainy days so much blush

applecore0317 Sat 27-Jun-15 02:17:42

You have my sympathy. I was miserable from about 34 weeks onwards. Now laying here with my almost four week old baby I am so much happier, as can sleep comfortably, allbeit a broken sleep smile

I literally did everything in the 48 hours before I popped. Walking, sex, spicy curry, pineapple, raspberry leaf tea, nipple stimulation, ball bouncing.... no idea if any of it triggered labour or if she decided that was when she wanted to come. No harm in trying though smile Hope you don't have to wait too long.

DulcetMoans Sat 27-Jun-15 02:22:54

Just jumping in as I can't sleep at 38+2 due to stitch in my right side. I don't think it's anything exciting but you never know at this stage I guess! Moved myself to sofa as fidgeting in bed.

Hopefully not too long for you cloe! Think id like another week!

Cloe2014 Sun 28-Jun-15 09:39:55

Well I got raspberry leaf yesterday so trying that , going for a walk tonight and sex again . I think this little one is super comfy and mummy needs to stop being inpatient . It's just all you have to think about 24/7 esp cos so close now and your worried and anxious it's going into the unknown. I finally slept in my bed last night and slept right through , I wedged myself in with pillows front to back, took paracetamol and put deep heat on my back .. Not sure if that's what helped or the fact that I was exhausted from a bad week but I feel A lot happier this morning :-)

JRWREN2110 Sun 28-Jun-15 11:54:27

Your baby is going to be a cancerian, they are home-makers, you have most likely made a very nice home for her and she isn't budging! I also have one, I am 40+4 today and completely at the end of my tether with this pregnancy stuff. I have tried all the 'self-inducing' methods and I just think that when they work it is a fluke, babies come when they want. I feel like I am living groundhog day, being this heavily pregnant really takes it out of you. Every twinge or symptom I am like 'oh this could be something', but generally it just turns out I am hungry/need the loo/baby kicked or moved. I don't have ANY signs of labour, so I fear I will have to be induced at some point, don't know how long they will leave me for though. I hope your baby comes soon, GOOD LUCK!! x

soloula Sun 28-Jun-15 22:05:58

Raspberry leaf tea won't help bring labour on but its fantastic for helping tone the uterine muscles - can make for an easier labour as your contractions are more efficient. Also great for helping your uterus contract in the days/weeks after birth. My midwife commented how quickly my uterus went down after birth and I'm sure this was to do with the RLT. Shame all the other lumps and bumps I'd gained in pregnancy weren't as responsive grin

Cloe2014 Mon 29-Jun-15 00:16:16

JRWREN2110 I hope your baby comes soon too , I'm not even at my due date and I'm fed up I'm 39+5 and no signs of anything Im exactly the same as you any little thing I'm think in is this it .. It's good knowing your not the only one who thinks these things ! I've only been taking raspberry leaf two days so I doubt this will do anything as midwife Said I should have been taking it from 35 weeks (now she tells me) but what will be will be can't change anything just got to ride through it .. We've come this far another 2 weeks not going to harm us .. Although we still have a right to moan , cry n basically be p****d off when we want to be which is me right this min .. Hence why I'm sat downstairs in the dark wide awake and alone ! hmm

WiIdfire Mon 29-Jun-15 00:28:52

Hi, I'm 39+5 too, we can wait together if you like? Also lying here with fan on, windows open, trying not to overheat whilst husband has toes of ice ��. I guess these babies will come when they are ready!

Cloe2014 Mon 29-Jun-15 00:48:52

:-) my partner is in bed snoring his head off .. Good for some eh ! You due the 1st ? X

easytoforget Mon 29-Jun-15 01:09:41

You are not being dramatic - child birth is a dramatic event and it can make your eyes water thinking about it. Once it all kicks off your body will take over and eventually the pain will stop. Best of luck - making a lot of noise helps - it doesn't stop the pain but it feels good smile

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