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Steroids pre-birth - how and when?

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quesadillas Wed 24-Jun-15 15:23:14


I'm expecting twins and therefore will have a c-section booked at 37 weeks if nothing happens sooner. The doctor mentioned having steroids to strengthen the lungs beforehand. He's a bit vague though and said he'd go into detail next time. Anybody had planned steroids? Is it done as an in-patient? He also mentioned needing insulin alongside. Is that normal? I have gestational diabetes, so don't know if it's related to that.


boxofholes Wed 24-Jun-15 15:37:06

My last c-section was also at 37 weeks (the others were all 38 so no steroids). I had the steroid injection 48 hours before the section. I had it given in the day assessment unit & ended up on a monitor for a few hours afterwards. The insulin issue is related to your gestational diabetes - steroids increase your glucose levels.

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