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Is this lochia or a period?

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MadAngryGnome Wed 24-Jun-15 08:57:54

Had DS 6ish weeks ago. Normal lochia pattern as far as I can tell, bright red at the start, going to pinky red and then the white lochia stuff by the end of the first week. Stopped wearing any kind of pads by week 3.

Now I've started getting bright red bleeding again at the start of week 6. I'm EBF so hadn't expected periods to start up so soon but I am getting paracetamol-worthy crampy pains and needing to use pads again. Argh! Feel rubbish, grumpy and hormonal but no sore boobs like I usually get. Managed to soak through pants and pyjamas one morning when I wasn't expecting to be bleeding. blush

Am I unlucky with periods restarting early do you think or should I be worried and talking to my GP at six week check on Friday in case of retained membranes or something?

Signoritawhocansway Wed 24-Jun-15 09:02:17

Sounds like period to me, sorry. Some of us are unlucky enough for them to come back so early, even with ebf! It happens more than you think. But still worth mentioning to Doc, for reassurance. Oh, and don't forget contraception :-)

MadAngryGnome Wed 24-Jun-15 09:06:20

Well, I'd rather a period than a complication. But everything you read on the topic goes on about how EBF does an excellent job of delaying periods for months hmm

Signoritawhocansway Wed 24-Jun-15 09:10:05

I know. I felt cheated too!

MadAngryGnome Wed 24-Jun-15 09:11:59

Eurgh. Seems like contraception is more of a priority than I thought!

Thanks Signorita.

bananapuddles Wed 24-Jun-15 09:13:21

I was just coming on here to post the exact same thing! I don't have cramps, but everything else is the same.

I also feel cheated!

Goanddoapoothen Wed 24-Jun-15 09:14:45

My DD was EBF and my period came back 4 weeks to the day of having her! It continued perfectly regular for the entire year then when she weaned went haywire. I felt cheated out of the extra period free time and feeding was so uncomfortable when I was on. hmm

MadAngryGnome Wed 24-Jun-15 09:18:03

Sucks to be us banana!

I was using the implant for six years before conceiving first cycle off it, so perhaps my body is just super keen to get stuck into some actual periods for once... grin

bananapuddles Wed 24-Jun-15 09:24:49

I also had the implant for 5 years. DS has been fussing loads since I came on as well, just generally unsettled. I don't know if it's just a 6 week growth thing or related to hormone changes.

The doctor has given me cerazette, which I have taken before with no periods so fingers crossed we can go back to that. I hate feeling so crappy on top of the sleep deprivation and general difficulties of life with a newborn.

MadAngryGnome Wed 24-Jun-15 09:29:08

Now I think about it, DS has been unsettled the last few days, I hadn't connected it. I wonder why it affects the baby?

Agreed, period + baby duties + no sleep is a bad combination. poor DH who is copping my bad mood

bananapuddles Wed 24-Jun-15 09:38:28

Normally feeding really settles him, but he has been screaming when he gets my nipple in his mouth and it's taken him a while to calm down and actually feed. In the nd

bananapuddles Wed 24-Jun-15 09:39:52

Posted too soon! In the end, I think he just gets so hungry he takes it.

Could be related, but it's all just guesswork all the time! sad

Goanddoapoothen Wed 24-Jun-15 09:42:23

I think supply drops a bit with each period. I certainly found that and it was what lead to feeding bring so uncomfortable.

Dorisdolalee Wed 24-Jun-15 19:04:54

It could be the 6 week bleed. I had it - thought it was period. It wasn't.

SoupDragon Wed 24-Jun-15 19:12:50

I was also one of the unlucky ones. So unfair!

MadAngryGnome Wed 24-Jun-15 23:10:44

What's this six week bleed doris?

plantsitter Wed 24-Jun-15 23:13:48

I had this too - didn't know it was a thing called the six week bleed! Assumed it was period. But didn't get another one for 9 months.

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