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Choosing Wexham park vs Frimley for childbirth

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HatOnline Mon 22-Jun-15 18:58:19

I wondered if anyone would be able to share advice/experience on maternity units at Wexham Park Hospital or Frimley. I've automatically been enrolled for Wexham for a December due date, but I had an appalling experience with ward 20 and an ectopic last year sad. With this pregnancy time the EPU were more caring and no mistakes unlike last time.
I'm aware that is a totally different ward and that Frimley are now supporting Wexham through special measures to recover from the bad cqc inspection. Does anyone have any positives or negatives on either hospital as I can request to transfer my mat care to Frimley but ought to do so for twenty week scan(15weeks now) thanks so much really appreciate any opinions!

CuppaSarah Tue 23-Jun-15 20:23:28

Is it frimley park hospital in Surrey you are referring to? If It is I can really reccomend it. The antenatal care and labour care was amazing. The postnatal ward was understaffed, but I still got breastfeeding support. The food was amazing too.

HatOnline Tue 23-Jun-15 21:20:52

Yes it is that hospital I'm asking about. Thanks so much for your input and I'm glad you had a positive experience

Bumchin101 Wed 24-Jun-15 01:09:56

My Dsis in law is due having her LO at wexham soon if you like I can come back and tell you her experience. As someone who works in wexham, there Labour ward has improved 100%

HatOnline Wed 24-Jun-15 13:57:18

Thanks! I work in health too and fully understand that there are pressures on all o of us so I'm glad to hear the labour ward sounds like it's good

Thenthatsthatthen Wed 24-Jun-15 22:33:57

I had dd's 1&2 at frimley park and i'm currently pregnant and with dd3 and will be having her there to. They were fantastic previously (although with dd2 i agree they were a little understaffed in the postnatal ward but we weren't in for long) and they've refurbished the materntiy ward recently so should be a bit nicer than last time i was there smile

HeffaLumpers Wed 24-Jun-15 22:38:53

Have you seen the refurbished maternity ward at Frimley Park? It is really, really nice. showed dp pictures and he assumed it was a hotel ��

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