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I'm not ready

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NickyEds Mon 22-Jun-15 13:43:57

I'm 37 weeks pregnant and we already have ds who is 18 months. We've just moved house which obviously took loads of organising and chaos but now we're settled in its dawning on me that I have to give birth! There's a lot of uncertainty about the birth itself as the baby has been measuring under the 10th centile (I've had scans every weeks since 25ish weeks) until last week and has also been breech (think she still is). So many things are up in the air.
I'm having a scan this week to see if she's still breech and how she's growing but I could be in for ECV or ELCS (if she's breech), induction early (if her weight gain has faltered) or going to term. They haven't said if I could deliver in the MLU at all or only delivery rooms. I haven't seen a mw since 26 weeks as I've been consultant led since then due to the weight issue (or non issue-she is fine just little). No birth plan as yet. Ds's birth has left me frightened and all of this is making it worsesad.
I'm not totally sure what I'm asking really, I just feel unprepared. Any tips for last-minute getting-your-head-around-it???

princessvikki Mon 22-Jun-15 19:47:15

I dont know about the weight issue bit my dd was breech and I decided against having her turned much to the hospitals disgust. I did my own research watched YouTube videos ect and I felt even though the risks were small it wasn't worth it. and I had a c section.Having read a mn post last week by a lady who lost her baby an hour after with no sign of problems during the monitoring I feel I made absolutely the right choice. I don't want to scare you but just want to say do your research and make an informed choice. In my experience hospitals are very pro turning and I feel I was misled to try and get me to follow their advice. As for getting your head round it all I don't think you can, I'm 32weeks with an 18 month old and haven't even began to consider how she's arriving, I have a possible placenta previa so I'm stuck in the same waiting game as you. It's hard when you have so many possibilitys that could happen. You cant get it straight in you head and make a plan.

NickyEds Mon 22-Jun-15 20:55:07

I read that thread too. It was just awful wasn't it. Totally unconvinced about ECV, especially since she's usually legs extended which makes the likelyhood of it working even less. She'd turned at the last scan but I think she's gone back. Boo. I just can't actually imagine having this baby.

Grinningcat Mon 22-Jun-15 21:10:50

I had an ECV at 37 weeks, but was otherwise low risk. That MN thread and my best mate's usual scaremongering had me really anxious, but I'd weighed up the options and did some proper research so I made the right decision for me and chose to go ahead with it. I did look at a YouTube video so I knew exactly what to expect so I could call a halt if I felt they were using too much force or if I wasn't happy. The ECV was exactly what I expected and it was successful on the second attempt and I was able to have my son who is now 4months in the MLU with minimal medical interference. They did so much monitoring before and after that the actual ECV took up less than 5% of the time I was there.

Just wanted to throw in another perspective on ECV.

princessvikki Mon 22-Jun-15 21:12:41

I feel the same. My dd had 1 leg extended and a Dr told me it was possible her leg could be broken , then when I mentioned it to another Dr I was told it was rubbish and can't happen but I couldn't get it out of my head and just wasn't taking the chance. To be honest I'm hoping for another section I have major anxiety about natural delivery and have been having nightmares since I foind out I was pregnant again. My section last time was really easy a few hours later I was fine , in fact I was putting on make up and nail polish grin I've packed my hospital bag but that's all I've done and really I only did that because I had stuff I had brought hanging around

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