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Is this labour??

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sterlingpink295 Sun 21-Jun-15 11:00:25

41+1 weeks. Started to have show yesterday and still getting occasional blood mucous loss. Since tea time last night been getting pain roughly every 10 min and it's got stronger but not closer together. Backache, extreme pain in lower tummy and can feel tightenings at top. The pain is making me call out in pain. Feel sick and looser bowel movement. Is this labour??

badRoly Sun 21-Jun-15 11:01:20

Could be grin

sterlingpink295 Sun 21-Jun-15 11:06:15

And they are lasting about 70 seconds. Midwife said the other day that the head was well engaged. Feel pressure as if need a poo but don't

mamababa Sun 21-Jun-15 11:08:19

I'd say so. grin

badRoly Sun 21-Jun-15 11:11:57

If the urge to poo becomes very strong, phone the midwife and let them know wink

ltk Sun 21-Jun-15 11:13:27

Exciting! Are you going to hospital or having baby at home?

swashbucklecheer Sun 21-Jun-15 11:16:30

I had a labour where the Contractions didn't come close together - 8 mins or so apart. I felt i needed a poo and it turned out i was fully dilated. Caught the midwives by suprise!

sterlingpink295 Sun 21-Jun-15 11:39:19

Last one lasted nearly 2 min but 10 min apart from last one

sterlingpink295 Sun 21-Jun-15 11:40:07

Already want gas and air lol, that's how painful they are

mamababa Sun 21-Jun-15 11:51:18

Phone the labour ward. As the others have said a strong need to poo could mean it's more imminent than you think!!

Hobby2014 Sun 21-Jun-15 12:13:42

Ooh sounds like it. If call and let them know what's happening. Good luck.

sterlingpink295 Sun 21-Jun-15 12:17:45

The poo feeling is coming and going

sterlingpink295 Sun 21-Jun-15 12:29:29

They are now less frequent by a few mins but still painful

Theselittlelightsaremine Sun 21-Jun-15 12:29:32

What are the timings now?

sterlingpink295 Sun 21-Jun-15 12:31:16

About 14mins apart lasting over a minute. Still painful in lower tummy and back and upper tummy still going hard when have them

Theselittlelightsaremine Sun 21-Jun-15 12:32:57

Can you go for a walk or bounce on a birthing ball?

BlueBananas Sun 21-Jun-15 12:33:30

Ooo a live birth thread grin
Call the labour ward!

sterlingpink295 Sun 21-Jun-15 12:33:56

It's highly possible that I haven't hit the start button at the same time each time. Gosh they hurt

sterlingpink295 Sun 21-Jun-15 12:35:10

Can't walk far as the lower pain and back pain hurts when move and don't have a birthing ball

stubbornstains Sun 21-Jun-15 12:36:10

I had a baby 2 weeks ago, and the MWs seemed to think that the difference between Braxton Hicks and "real" labour pains was the level of pain......Good luck! x

BlueBananas Sun 21-Jun-15 12:36:18

Phone the hospital!
I went in when my contractions were still 9/10 mins apart and was fully dilated, the urge to poo probably means you are too!

afreshstartplease Sun 21-Jun-15 12:36:39

Have you phoned the hospital op?

sterlingpink295 Sun 21-Jun-15 12:39:17

It's just how they've got longer in between but intensity and length are just the same. They are making me vocal as they hurt that much
the poo thing is coming and going

Eminado Sun 21-Jun-15 12:44:28

Wow good luck op how exciting��!

swashbucklecheer Sun 21-Jun-15 13:51:02

Op that happened to me! It was called a spurious labour but the poo feeling was me needing to push. Baby arrived a few min later. Don't hang around phone the hospital!

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