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Incontinence problems post forceps delivery

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karenmec Sat 20-Jun-15 17:12:50

Has anyone had any successful improvements in relation to urinary incontinence following a forceps delivery?

My story is, I gave birth to twins last Tuesday. Due to my first twin getting very distressed and her heartbeat dropping the hospital made a mad dash to theatre to forceps deliver her. Although I had a "walking" epidural on board I could feel every single thing they did, including the episiotomy. They delivered my first girl and decided to go in to deliver my second girl via the same method. During that birth I got a vaginal wall tear due to her shoulders getting stuck. By the time you add in the fact that twin 1s cord was around her neck and twin 2 had to be resuscitated it was all in all was quite traumatic.

Due to my epidural, which was removed around 10pm in the evening I'd had the girls, I was catheterised. This was removed around 9am the next day. During the day I started to pass urine fine. That evening, I'd been asleep and woke up wanting the toilet to go wee. I was halfway across the room when urine literally started gushing out, I had no control of my bladder at all. Sharing a room left me mortified. I called the midwife who told me to let her know if it happened again. Half an hour later, I needed the toilet, exactly the same thing happened.

The problem persists some 5 days later. I got saw by a physio who has given me a 50/50 chance of improvement within next 8 weeks or it not and she will see me. If I ensure I go to the toilet once an hour, I don't leak urine, anything longer is asking for this whole humiliating thing to happen again.

I need some positivity that I may see improvement. Can you help?

ArsenalsPlayingAtHome Sat 20-Jun-15 22:27:15

Hi karenmec,

Congratulations on your babies, and sorry for your trauma.

I had the same exact problem after a forceps delivery, it was so humiliating, as you have said.

In short, it got a lot better very quickly, so please don't despair. I didn't think my bladder would ever recover, but it did.

TBH, I can't remember how long it took, maybe a couple of weeks or less. I'd forgotten all about it till I read your post (it was over 7 years ago.)

Please don't worry. i was told to drink lots of water, and also cranberry juice, and do as many pelvic floor exercises as I could muster.

rallytog1 Sun 21-Jun-15 17:37:31

It is very early days. Have they talked to you about possibly staying on a catheter a while longer? I had a bladder injury too (although during a cs) and was catheterised for 3 weeks so that it could completely rest and heal. I won't lie - the catheter itself was incredibly unpleasant, but after it was removed, my bladder was totally better afterwards. They told me the bladder is very forgiving but it likes to have a rest.

Not sure how comparable our injuries are, but just thought I'd let you know that it worked for me.

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