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St Thomas Hospital at Waterloo - Recent Child Birth Experience

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Garfield007 Fri 19-Jun-15 14:03:25

Hi mums out there, I am currently 9 weeks pregnant and am looking into the hospital that I can give birth. Does anyone have recent experience giving birth at the St Thomas Hospital at London Waterloo?

I just went to meet the midwife two days ago and have to say my experience is not very good. First of all, I never received any call from them to book me in for the appointment. All I received was a message reminding me of the appointment, which was how I found out I had an appointment after my GP wrote to the hospital. When I tried to call up to reschedule the appointment, no one ever answered the call, and only responded to my voicemail more than a week later which was on the day I needed to go for the appointment.

I turned up at the hospital, was given a booklet with load of information to fill in, and then met the midwife who essentially just ignored what I have filled in and asked me the questions as she typed into the computer (most inefficient way of doing thing as she typed with one finger on each hand! I could have done this online myself).

When I enquired about whether I will meet all the midwives at the ward and will know the person who help me with my birth, she said no and the person who will help me when I give birth may not be someone I have dealt with before, as a lot of them are leaving. I suspect a lot of them are agency workers because when I was asking for the office of the midwife, most of the staff there don't seem to have come across her.

I also spoke to my friend whose wife gave birth to twins at St Thomas 4 years ago. His response was he would not recommend that place as his wife was not properly taken care of during the natural birth and was left unattended with heavy bleeding which almost killed her.

I am wondering if anyone has recent experience that you can share? I am considering if I should go to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital instead as I will move to Richmond at the end of the year before giving birth.

Most appreciated if any of you could share your recent child birth experience at hospital in South East/ South West London. I currently live in South East but is planning to move to South West before baby is born, but have the option to delay the move to after baby arrives if needed.

Thank you.

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