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Poor cervical dilation

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TheFillyjonk Thu 18-Jun-15 19:51:19

On Tuesday at my 38 weeks doctors appointment I had two pinpricks of blood when I did my urine sample. The doctor sent me off to the labour ward just to be on the safe side, where I found out I was a few cm dilated so they gave me a sweep to get things going.

Lots of walking, bouncing on the birthing ball and "resting" ensued and I've had several shows and regular, frequent contractions that the midwife palpated as strong. Unfortunately they are not doing the job on my stubborn cervix, which remains thick.

The midwife today noticed some of my hind waters have gone, and that each contraction is pushing the membrane down and my waters are literally desperate to burst. I've had another sweep (lots of bloody goo) and she twisted my membrane to try and coax my waters to burst. Now it's incredibly painful so I'm hoping something will happen - if not I will be induced tomorrow night. That's really not what I wanted (I had lovely plans for a natural birth) but obviously the baby's health and mine comes first.

I just feel a bit... sad that my cervix isn't doing its job and wondered if any of you had been through similar. I'm a little worried that induction won't work on my cervix either.

TakesTwoToTango Thu 18-Jun-15 20:23:17

Where in the world are you? You can be a couple of cm dilated and losing plug for weeks before labour proper starts so I'm quite surprised anyone got too excited about it or gave you sweeps at only 38 weeks. I guess they perceived something more about the situation? Unfortunately early labour contractions can also be frustratingly stop-start and go on for many days/week(s) but encouragingly, that can often mean things progress well when they do kick off properly.

Once your waters have gone that does change the situation a bit in that the risk of infection increases, though I believe there's less of a risk if it's only your hind waters that have gone and not your main waters.

As for the success of induction, it's hard to predict, though can get an idea from your 'bishops score'. Either way, if the doctors in charge of your care think its necessary to induce then, even though they cannot compel you to consent, that's a good reason to give it very serious consideration.

At term, having been contracting for several days you may well find its very sucrssful.

TheFillyjonk Thu 18-Jun-15 20:32:18

I'm in the UK and I'm also very surprised I was given a sweep - I was actually told I had one AFTER it
was done. �� I don't know what all the rush is and wish I'd just been left alone.

Thanks, Tango. I'm crossing my fingers (or membranes?) that everything will happen naturally still!

TakesTwoToTango Thu 18-Jun-15 20:56:36

Good luck! You never know, you may only need your waters breaking and that may be enough. Let's hope so!

lunalovegood84 Fri 19-Jun-15 11:27:49

I would make sure you understand exactly why induction is being recommended. It's terrible that they haven't explained their reasoning clearly - you should not be left in a position of not "understanding the rush". Obviously there is likely to be a good reason, but make sure you fully understand and consent before it takes place. I'm not an expert, but from the info you gave I don't understand what they are concerned about or why they've been poking your cervix so much.

BlinkAndMiss Fri 19-Jun-15 12:09:49

I think the rush is because of the blood in your urine, kidney infections are dangerous if untreated and can bring on labour anyway (which is perhaps why you're dilated). If you're so close to your due date they'd rather have you go into labour so they can investigate the blood in your urine and treat, rather than risk leaving it longer and have you in labour with an established infection. They should have explained that though!

Roseybee10 Sat 20-Jun-15 23:12:24

Have you done the deed recently?
I ended up with blood in my urine at around 28 weeks and turned out my cervix was irritated from that and the blood in my sample was actually coming from my cervix.
Are they sure it's blood from your bladder as opposed to your cervix? X

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