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Fifth baby - risk of incontinence?? Options for birth? (tmi)

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CumPrepared Thu 18-Jun-15 11:04:59

Apologies for the length...

Pregnant with fifth baby and, even though you'd think I was well experienced I have to admit that I'm worrying about the birth.

I've had 2 episiotomies, a ventouse intervention and 1 tear. Things have changed in that area! Fortunately I don't suffer with any type of incontinence. I do have haemorrhoids though blush which don't cause me much trouble normally, if they do flare up its not often.

With my last baby (i didn't have any cuts, tears or intervention) before I left the hospital, they made a big deal about an incontinence nurse seeing me. She looked through my notes and explained that having a fifth child would drastically increase the risk of incontinence and that I needed contraception otherwise I would end up incontinent from having another. As I said I've not had any trouble since, however, during this pregnancy, my digestive system has been really slow, I've been horrendously constipated on a couple of occasions (i thought it was fecal impaction it was so bad) and I'm really terrified of doing myself some serious long lasting damage. Especially with my piles as well.

It's silly I know, but I hadn't thought about what the nurse said until it occurred.

Has anyone got any experience? I'm worried that a home birth, which is what we've planned, won't be the best option?

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