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Irregular bleeding after birth

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Stacey19892008 Tue 16-Jun-15 19:02:10

desperate for some advice, Im 25 and had my 3rd baby on 7th January, all normal pregnancy and delivery, I bled for 6 weeks afterwards ( normal for me ) then a month later I got my 1st period which lasted 10 days ( normal would be 7 days for me ) then a month later on 23rd April my 2nd period began and still hasn't stopped! I've been to the doctors several times, had blood tests, swabs, smear test, internal and external ultrasound, all test came back fine, still waiting on results from smear test and the ultrasound found a tiny cyst on one of my ovaries, but other than that the sonographer said all is fine and couldn't see any issues or where the bleeding is coming from, she said I will need to go back in a few months for a repeat scan to check in the cyst but other than that I'm just left to get on with it, I've tried tranexamic acid and northesterone twice and neither has worked, I'm so done with this issue, surprisingly my iron levels are fine but I'm wearing 2 maternity pads and changing every 30 mins to an hour, I can't leave the house without needing to change clothes ASAP, anyone know of any other medication I can ask the Dr for or any advice would be greatly appreciated as no one seems to take me seriously sad I've had to push for all these test and medications my self

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