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Pyjamaramadrama Sat 13-Jun-15 21:21:00

I'm now 41+1 and I don't feel as though I'm ever going to go into labour.

I'm so confused think I just do with a chat to clear my head.

My first was early and really, really quick.

This time nothing is happening. I've tried long walks, sex, spicy food, birthing ball, I've had two sweeps.

I'm 3cm dilated and fully effaced. I was getting contractions all day yesterday lasting around 30 second and every 6 minutes. They definitely felt more than braxton hicks were moderately painful where I had to stop and take deep breaths.

It all stopped though when I went to bed, I've been walking around all day today but have had nothing more than a couple of period type pains. I've had about a million shows midwife said there's no plug left.

I was so hoping for a home birth or at least an uncomplicated hospital birth.

I'm kind of resigned to being induced on Wednesday now though. I'm tempted to push for Friday induction as I will be 42 weeks then plus it will be easier for me to arrange childcare for my older child because it's into the weekend. Perhaps I'm just being stupid though, midwife didn't really give me the option though and I was very confused about what will happen. Seems they might not be able to fit me in if there's no bed, not clear on what induction method will be used and I'm unsure about whether I'll be sent home or not. In the meantime dp will be wasting precious paternity leave and hardly gets any holiday.

I'm worried about ending up stuck in for days and having people to take ds to school.

Pyjamaramadrama Sat 13-Jun-15 21:24:47

I feel so out of control. I had an awful time in the hospital with my first, I can't stand the place. It feels as though it's all happening again. Noone has asked me if I want to be induced, I get that they don't like you going too far over, but I was just told you'll be induced Wednesday. Then told about 10 different scenarios about what might happen.

Roseybee10 Sun 14-Jun-15 05:43:39

I'm so sorry hon. I was terrified of being induced too.
It does sound like you will probably go on your own before Wednesday if you're already contracting, lost your plug and are 3cm.
Tbh you are in labour, just very slow latent labour by the sounds of it. I'm always slow to get started then once I get past 4cm baby is haul there within 2.5 hours.
Are you booked for a home birth?
I would be inclined to give yourself til Friday if you don't want to be induced. My hospital had a 42 week induction time rather than 41+5.

starfish12 Sun 14-Jun-15 10:39:30

I'm 40+6 and have absolutely no signs yet with my induction looming next Sat.
Sounds like you are literally almost there and surely it won't come to induction. Keep walking and going up and down stairs.
The fact you are 3cm means they would probably just break your waters as no need for pessary if you are already dilating.
I sympathise as the induction gives you a horrid deadline when you just want to be relaxing and letting your body do it's thing.
I would try and push the induction back a day or two and ask for more information about it. It's your body and they can't force you. Good luck! X

Athenaviolet Sun 14-Jun-15 10:46:44

Just don't go in for the induction. I didn't. Turned up the next day in natural labour and had an easy birth- this wouldn't have been the case if I'd I agreed to the induction.

Tell them you don't want to be induced but will come in for daily monitoring. As long as you don't have protein in your urine, your bp is stable and you don't have swelling I'd personally be happy to wait a couple of days.

It sounds like you haven't got long to go anyway-3cm & a show is a very good sign! Second labours can be very quick-you could give birth by this evening!

ohthegoats Mon 15-Jun-15 15:24:42

Same as athenaviolet, I was booked in to be induced about 3 times from week 40 onwards, and just didn't show up to the appointments. For the last one they phoned me an hour before, and then every hour after that until midnight - I just didn't answer the phone. There are no maternity police, if you are feeling happy to go over, then go over. I ended up delivering naturally (admittedly after a sweep) at 42+1. The sweep put me into really slow labour on the Friday tea time, baby arrived Monday early am. If I had my time again I wouldn't even go for the sweep.

You have to have the courage of your convictions though - know that there are risks, you and your partner work out what you are comfortable with and then stick to your guns.

Pyjamaramadrama Mon 15-Jun-15 15:36:12

Thanks everyone.

I've now decided to be induced at exactly 42 weeks. I'm satisfied that I've given my body every chance within the 'normal' remit by that point.

I feel a bit like a weights been lifted now.

Julieb85 Wed 17-Jun-15 14:30:32

I was admitted for induction at 41+5, I was basically given a pessary at dinner time to soften cervix, with plan to give me another early AM and break waters at lunch time. As it turned out I went into labour spontaneously during the night - was handy already being at hospital. The only thing was not having hubby there as he wasn't allowed in ward after 9pm :-( He was obvs allowed into labour ward but I was 9cm by the time I was transferred! It'll all be fine - but make sure you push to get transfered asap, I was naive as it was my first!

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