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3rd degree tear questions

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BreeVDKamp Sat 13-Jun-15 19:24:00

Had a 3rd degree tear and episiotomy almost 3 weeks ago. Saw midwife today and she said she couldn't even see where my stitches had been, and I feel soooooo much better this week as opposed to the first 2 weeks, which is amazing! So I'm assuming my stitches have dissolved and all is going well, I was a bit dazed during my appointment though so didn't ask the following questions that I probably should have done!

1) would I have had internal stitches as well as ones on my perineum? I did Google some 3rd degree tear diagrams but can't work out if the tear would have been internal as well as external too?

2) When can I resume normal activity? Been for a couple of short walks this week but want to try and start doing some ab work etc (if I can find the time!) but I really don't want to do any damage and add any pressure down there... So don't think I'll start exercising yet, but any ballpark ideas when might be good?

3) I am pretty sure I have thrush (had it alllllll the time for 6 years), don't want to take oral pill as it never works and am breastfeeding, but don't want to put anything up my vag for a long old while... Wondering if I did bite the bullet and do so, should that be ok? (Don't need advice on other treatment options, I know them all, ha! Thanks)

4) when should I stop taking my painkillers and laxatives? Hospital sent me home with 2x laxatives, 2x antibiotics (course has finished), paracetemol, ibuprofen and iron (iron has run out too). I want to start weaning myself off the remaining painkillers and laxatives but DH doesn't think it's a good idea! I do keep forgetting to take some of the painkillers throughout the day though and seem to be fine, it's more the laxatives I'm concerned about as I was on them throughout pregnancy too and so don't want to do it too quickly and get constipated, what with my traumatised perineum! blush

I read a couple of threads on here with people saying it took them 6 months ish to get back to normal!!! shock

silver1977 Sat 13-Jun-15 19:34:24

Hi Bre congratulations on your new baby! Poor you though going through that, I feel your pain as I cross my legs and wince as I had the same with my first DD. It sounds like you are doing quite well already! I suppose everyone is different with recovery. I don't think I took laxatives for very long and as long as your diet is good you should be ok, drink lots of fluids though, if stitches have dissolved now should be fine. I had internal ones too but only knew that from seeing it on notes, maybe ask midwife next time? Not much help re the thrush problem I'm afraid as not experienced before and I certainly didn't do any exercise at this stage --but can't say do much anyway- as just too tired with little one!

Hope you continue to feel better and enjoy your new baby!

pinguina16 Sat 13-Jun-15 20:04:28

2) For a low trauma vaginal birth, the advice is to only start exercise after 3 months so I'd take it easy now. No running, squatting, lifting, jumping.

4) I'd consult with GP (especially one specialised in women's health) as constipation is not good whilst your perineum/pelvic floor is healing.

BreeVDKamp Sun 14-Jun-15 19:21:34

Thanks both. Three months!! Aaagh I was thinking 6 weeks, how naive I was! I am a bridesmaid 12 weeks post-partum, I'd better step away from the biscuits! grin

safetyzone Wed 17-Jun-15 12:37:16

Is it really 3 months? I swear it's 6-8 weeks, that's what I was told anyway.

I had a 3rd degree, no idea whether I had internal stitches as well but I'm guessing that everyone is different. I suspect you don't have to tear internally to have a 3rd degree though.

I'm pretty sure I started post-natal pilates at around 2 months mark. It's matwork so shouldn't put pressure on the area.

When I had suspected thrush I was given some cream to use and it was fine, maybe have a chat with GP?

I took all the laxatives given to me by the hospital until they ran out, but have eased off painkillers when I felt I didn't need them. TBH I felt I should have bought some more laxatives myself, I was still a bit constipated and was worried that I'd cause damage to my bits...

htf2 Fri 19-Jun-15 15:19:42

Following- have a 3rd degree tear from birth two days ago and a bit afraid of how it will pan out! Sounds good so far for you smile

BreeVDKamp Wed 01-Jul-15 09:28:09

Forgot about this thread!

Hope you're feeling OK htf2 - around about the stage you are post-partum was the worst for me - I guess due to swelling - but then it got SO much better SO quickly! I was on my haemorrhoid cushion and rinsing not wiping religiously!

I'm 5 weeks pp and at about 4 weeks the MW said all my stitches are gone and it looks like nothing's ever happened. She also said I have to keep on the laxatives until 6 weeks pp - just adding that info here because I wasn't told that at the hospital and had actually stopped taking the laxatives by that point, so might be useful info for others!

I've been exercising and stuff but taking it easy smile

Lonz Wed 01-Jul-15 11:20:54

Sorry if this is a bit TMI... explaining how I believe suturing is done. As I wanted to know myself at 3 weeks but got no explanation.

I had an episiotomy and 2nd degree tear. They are so adamant I think about not explaining it to you properly, the amount of times I've asked how it's done, what degree it is etc. But when I was abit able to, I did look myself just as the stitches had dissolved a bit (I needed to know!)... I think I remember the stitches from the episiotomy being about 1cm in (depending on external scar) and now there doesn't appear to be any trace of internal scar tissue. I did at first think just the perineum was sutured, until I gave it more thought! I think if the tear is coming off the epi, just the surface of the tear is sutured. The scars have faded since, can hardly see the tear.
Do you mean internal stitches as in the different layers of tissue?
If so, I don't think muscle is sutured, just the surface of the laceration itself. In 3rd degree I think there is a bit of underlying stitches. I have made my poor bf watch a few videos for me to then explain the questions I had about it (since midwives don't tell you anything!). I believe the internal scar is shorter than the external scar as you think... baby is there pushing it down etc. In the last three years I looked so many times to figure it out a bit more. It's not nice at all having it.

I would most definitely not use a pessary for thrush right now. Go to your GP or ask midwife if it is okay to do so if it's
But be kind to yourself for now.

BreeVDKamp Wed 01-Jul-15 18:49:25

Hi Lonz - see my update before yours, I'm all good now! ;)

That's interesting about how it's done - I'm like you and would much rather know all the gory details!

Lonz Wed 01-Jul-15 19:19:17

Oh great! I thought I was the weird one wanting to know!

AmberLav Wed 01-Jul-15 21:16:42

Also, have you been referred to a specialist physio to check that all the muscles are healing properly? I understood that after a 3rd degree tear, there should be a full medical check upat the hospital roughly 6weeks after and about 4-6 months after. I also got a physio appointment where I got instructions on exercising my pelvic floor, fingers places to test!

I understand that is supposed to be the national standard.

I had no trouble after my 3rd degree, and still none after my 2nd degree tear with my second... By my physio appointment at 3 months, my pelvic floor was so good that I was discharged from physio...

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