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Acupuncture to bring on labour - does it work?

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Olihan Mon 13-Nov-06 20:20:09

I've heard people recommend acupuncture for late babies and wondered if it was more successful than all the usual old wives tales about getting labour started!

Has anyone had it to encourage things along at 39/40 weeks? I would like not to be late for the third time!

Also, how quickly does it work? Is it something that needs to build up or does a one off session do the business? What sort of birth have people had if it worked?

Anyone's experiences would be gratefully read, thanks!

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lulumama Mon 13-Nov-06 20:24:06 might be destined to have 'late' babies...

38 - 42 weeks is the norm..what gestation where your other babies born at?

IMHO - all these things work...if you are ready to go into labour...certain things definitely do help ripen the cervix and get things starting....

i think you need a few sessions.......xx

Olihan Mon 13-Nov-06 20:31:11

Lulumama, that's my thinking too. Ds was born at 41 weeks, dd was induced at 42 weeks, so I think I'm probably a slow cooker .

You have the same attitude as me to all the diy remedies, I was just kind of hoping that I could avoid being so late again! Wishful thinking probably .

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lulumama Mon 13-Nov-06 20:31:53

slow cooker ! yes...i'd give it all a go! especially anything that might relax you .....!

Kati Tue 14-Nov-06 20:43:13

Between 41 and 42 weeks I had 3 acupuncture sessions, used acupressure points myself, took homeopathic remedies to start labour, drank loads of raspberry leaf tea, and still I needed an induction and emergency c-section before my Ds was born! His head was huge and simply didn't drop low enough to put pressure on the cervix.

I have to say though that acupuncture was highly relaxing and calming, and did give me a few contractions after each session, just not enough to bring labour on fully. The acupuncturist I saw mentioned initially that it would probably take at least 3 to 4 sessions to have any effect. Good luck!

Pinewood Thu 16-Nov-06 20:59:34

Hi Olihan I've been having acupunture throughout my pregnancy to chill out and plan to have my first acupunture induction session this saturday. The acupunturist says it will probably take a few sessions. I will let you know how I get on if you like?

Olihan Thu 16-Nov-06 21:01:39

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Pinewood Fri 17-Nov-06 13:09:39

I'm 38 weeks this Saturday. Due to previous pregnancy complications I will probably never be allowed to go over full term (long story.) I also have an induction booked on 27th so if the acupunture doesn't kick things off then I have backup!

My acupunturist has said the needling can be a little uncomfortable (mainly needles in your lower back I believe?) but it is supposed to make the labour process a lot easier on the body than chemical induction can be. I'm all for that! I will keep you posted

spinamum Fri 17-Nov-06 13:13:30

eavesdropping on your thread olihan with much interest

lol slowcooker. me too.

Olihan Fri 17-Nov-06 20:19:44

Spina, you're due on almost exactly the same day as me, aren't you (Christmas/Boxing Day)? It would be interesting to see what a difference it made to both of us.

Pinewood, I'll be waiting with bated breath as I was wondering about starting around that time too, just to give things a nudge in the right direction!

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spinamum Fri 17-Nov-06 22:13:48

yep xmas day. Have a feeling I wont get myself organised to have any accupunture/reflexology seesions!

ummbilal Fri 17-Nov-06 22:25:24

yes it does i know a few women its worked for, but its not advisable to induce labour as labour is started naturally when baby is ready .

Pinewood Sat 18-Nov-06 15:24:38

Well I didn't get my acupunture induction today as I have a cough/cold and my consultant put me on antebiotics because I'm so wheezy so my acupunturist said she was not happy doing it with me not being 100%. So I have to wait until Thursday but I will keep you posted!

I did have to get written permission from my consultant (or a midwife) for the acupunturist to induce me early. I think if you are having a normal pregnancy they do not like to do acupunture induction until full term like Ummbilal mentioned in her post?

Olihan Sat 18-Nov-06 22:13:12

Hope you feel better soon, Pinewood, sorry to hear things aren't going to plan but I guess they're right to be cautious - labour with a terrible cough and cold wouldn't be fun. Fingers crossed you're on the mend by Thursday.

I was hoping they'd let me start early to try and encourage things to happen around my due date, rather than 2 weeks late again! I know they come when they're ready but mine seem to be very reluctant to make their big appearance .

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Pinewood Thu 23-Nov-06 18:28:18

Hi well I went for my acupunture induction 1st session today although the cough/cold has not completely gone!

It wasn't too bad... the needles in my feet and hands were more painful than the ones in my lower back. The baby had been moving around loads as soon as she started putting the needles in! I have a few acupressure points to massage before my 2nd session on Saturday. DH is going to have to do some of those

JendleWendleBells Sun 26-Nov-06 00:55:24

Good luck for 27th.

I had acupuncture induction treatments twice at post 40 weeks. The first treatment definitely stirred things up and I felt like I got close to going into labour but then it all calmed down again. Second treatment didn't seem to do anything. I had already had a sweep of the membranes at just past 40 weeks. Nothing. I did the acupressure and took homeopathy and ate curry and drank raspberry tea and ate raw pineapple and had sex and and and ......

Ended up with standard induction at almost 42 weeks BUT I did go into labour as soon as they put the pessary in. My acupuncturist had said that even if the acupuncture itself does not kick you off, it can help make sure you get going quickly once they use the pessary (instead of having to wait hours and have another one or even a third one).

Ended up with emergency c-section for fetal distress - he had his cord around his neck and his heart beat was dropping. So part of me thinks that my body knew not to go into labour by itself. Benefit of having the induction was that I was monitored therefore the distress was picked up very early.

Pinewood Fri 08-Dec-06 17:46:38

Hi sorry for the delay in replying. I have had a wonderful DD 10 days ago unfortuntately the acupunture didn't get things going so I had her on 28th via the Hospital Induction route.

Labour wasn't bad and the pessaries (x 2) did seem to work a lot quicker than they had with my DS but the contractions did keep trailling off so I ended up on a drip. 2 1/2 hours later out she came!

She is so chilled out I am wondering whether the acupunture I had throughout my pregnancy may well have contributed to this...? Either that or it's just a girl thing?

schiopu Mon 13-Oct-14 21:46:02


ashlee16 Tue 14-Jun-16 14:44:03

I have just had accupunture for the first time to bring on my labour as i am in slow labour will this help me. I am so fed up i keep getting aload of pains since last week i wemt into hospital an they kept me for 5 days but told me my cervix has shortened a little bit not anough but i am so tired an drained an i cant sleep atall i am waking up with pain alot can anyone help me please i am so depressed.sad

user1474261395 Mon 17-Oct-16 06:48:36

I will suggest that you should contact with any renowned acupuncturist before take any decision.

Glamorousglitter Mon 17-Oct-16 07:04:12

Worked for me acupuncture and moxa sticks I was a bit sceptical but went into labour that night

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