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Queen Charlotte Hospital vs. Chelsea and Westminster Hospital ?

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Papa13 Mon 08-Jun-15 14:18:37

Hi everyone,

My wife just got pregnant and while enjoying this wonderful news, we have started talking to her GP who said we should book an appointment at a prenatal unit sooner rather than later. As we live in the Fulham area, we were advised to go to the Queen Charlotte Hospital or the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

We would be grateful if anyone who had experience with either of these places could give recommandations. We found some useful links on this forum but most of them were slightly out-of-date.

This will be our first baby and we don't know have any friends or families who had a chilbirth experience in these hospitals: any tips or stories will be much appreciated.



umiaisha Tue 09-Jun-15 10:07:41

Had 2 of my 3 babies at queen charlottes.

Highly recommend it. Lovely staff and outstanding care!

umiaisha Tue 09-Jun-15 10:08:33

Sorry forgot to add - last one was born in feb this year.

HettyB Tue 09-Jun-15 23:11:40

I don't have any experience of the labour ward/midwife unit yet but I'm with C&W (currently 23 weeks).

I've been so impressed with the antenatal care - brand new unit, lovely midwives and sonographers, appointments always on time so I'd definitely recommend it so far.

Cupcakesandlove Fri 26-Jun-15 09:44:26

I've just posted a similar post
I'm with queen charlottes haven't given birth yet but midwifes are awful - rude and not understanding, scans are performed by trainees who don't put your mind at ease.
I'm thinking of switching to Chelsea

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