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Bladder prolapse...

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Chubbers14 Fri 05-Jun-15 13:57:44

I had a long pushing stage with my son last summer and it resulted in me having bladder prolapse, im now 4months gone and due in nivember and id love to have a natural birth again. But as i have my prolapse im just windering is it possible to do so? Or will i have to have a c-section? I really dont want a section as my lil man is so young and im going to struggle with him still beijg so young and having a newborn, i dont want to miss out on anything and still want to be able to do things with him...

pinguina16 Fri 05-Jun-15 19:58:31

Hi Chubbers14,
I don't think there's a straight forward answer. Here's what's coming to my mind.
How bad is your prolapse now? Are you urinary incontinent? Can you jump and run (what physios call "high impact sport")?
Have you seen a woman's health physio? What is their assessment/recommendation?
Is the prolapse getting worse as your pregnancy is progressing? How much is this bothering you?
As I understand, the more pregnancies, the more likely to have a prolapse or for a prolapse to get worse. A c-section would limit the damage but not completely. The pregnancy in itself has an impact.

I suppose it is about dealing with uncertainty and making choices that you feel are better for you. Balancing your need to be active after birth against dealing with worsen incontinence and perhaps some loss of mobility (no running?). If there's a GP specialised in Women's health in your practice, I would start there. Depending on what they say, you might want to ask to see a woman's health physiotherapist.
I wouldn't go down the midwife route simply because pelvic floor issues might not be their specialism and they might not know enough to advise you. Some are but not all.

I hope this is useful.
All the best.

Chubbers14 Sun 07-Jun-15 18:19:55

Thanks for the reply, i already have exstensive urological/kidney problems and Have bladder control problems. I dont know how bad it is as i seen a gynea but it was too early after the birth of my first son. I did my pelvic floors religiously afterwrads but it made no difference and i ent bothering with physios as they do sod all. I ent bothered about it getting worse either as the hospital will fix it. I just wanted to know if it was possible as the way i see it my bladder will get in the way of baby coming out

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