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Induction due to SPD anyone?

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HelenF350 Sun 31-May-15 23:21:22

I have an appointment at 37 weeks to discuss induction with my consultant. I am torn as to whether this is a good idea. I have suffered severe SPD for 5 months and am on maximum strength dihydracodine. I haven't slept properly for months and I'm exhausted with the whole thing. Has anyone been in my situation and do you have any advice or experience to share?


ladybird69 Sun 31-May-15 23:42:24

I was induced at 39 wks and delivered kneeling as it's better for spd.

HelenF350 Sun 31-May-15 23:52:31

How did you find the induction process? I'd ideally like to have a natural water birth but it's not guaranteed I would get the pool when I go into labour and I know they won't let you give birth in the pool if you are induced. Did you have an epidural?

HelenF350 Mon 01-Jun-15 16:25:17


ovumahead Mon 01-Jun-15 19:34:04

What treatment have you have for your SPD? Sounds awful! SPD shouldn't prevent you from delivering normally. Why are they inducing you? Because of the pain you're in?

ladybird69 Mon 01-Jun-15 20:02:00

Hi Helen sorry for disappearing. I was given 2 pessaries one at 6am and another at 2pm. Nothing happened then Dr broke my waters at 4pm but unfortunately there was meconium in them so Dr went to get drip set up to bring on contractions and midwife went to get neonatal Drs for baby. I was left with student midwife when suddenly felt the urge to push! The midwife literally ran back into room and caught baby as it shot out! So no I didn't have an epidural or any pain relief.
I had epidural with my first as he was back to back and pain was horrendous and never had water birth as I just used bath at home and when contractions got really painful I then went into hosp.
Is this your first baby? Congrats smile tbh I'd be careful about epidural as you won't be able to feel whether your legs are being forced too far apart, oh and let all staff know you've got SPD so they make allowances for it. Hope that helps any more questions just let me know. Tc

HelenF350 Tue 02-Jun-15 01:47:31

Thanks ladybird. Yes it's my first (and will be my last at this rate! Haha). I'm very wary of an epidural, that was the reason I asked about it. I'm scared I do myself more damage by getting induced and end up needing an epidural or a section. Part of me wants to wait it out but I'm so tired and sore now I don't know if I can.sad

Want2bSupermum Tue 02-Jun-15 03:41:58

With dd I had horrible SPD from about 4.5 months. At the end of my pregnancy I also ended up with preclampsia. I was able to manage pain with going to the chiropractor every other day. This meant I could cope without pain medication.

I'm in the US where they manage SPD differently. I continued with chiropractor and PT after I got to 8 weeks post partum. That continued for 2 months. As my obn explained, SPD can result in long term damage to your pelvic structure. My obn also induced me but I ended up with a CS as I wasn't getting anywhere. Turns out I have a tiny pelvis!

Induction is fine. They gave me a pessary at 10pm and at 7am they increased the pitocin. By 3pm they decided I wasn't progressing so had a CS at 9pm. Just wish they had stopped the pitocin at 3pm!

crje Tue 02-Jun-15 06:10:13

I did but it was on no 4 so I knew what to expect. I had been induced before for other reasons.
I did have an epidural , delivered quickly after it went in.
I was lucky , the epidural relaxed my cervix so I went from 4-10cm in an hour. Entire birth took 4 hours.
I couldn't have waited , I'd had enough.

I was doing Accupuncture for pain , was never offered meds . My gp is VERY slow to give pain relief hmm

ladybird69 Tue 02-Jun-15 19:54:44

Yw Helen let us know how you get on and take care

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