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Tmi - haemorrhoids after two kids

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rosepetalsoup Wed 27-May-15 11:00:56

Hi, warning this is a bit gross!!
I've had my two kids and am happy and recovered except for haemorrhoids, which have been there since my pregnancy with DC1 and have not gone. They are not painful at all but make me self-conscious. It means it's really hard to clean up after going to the loo without having a shower and they look bad. They are not the kind of haemorrhoids that would go with cream I don't think as they are literally just extra skin/flesh with no swelling or pain. I'm not even sure if it is haemorrhoids or a kind of prolapse. Has anyone had anything like this and how did you fix it? I am too embarrassed to go to the Dr. Thanks

123Jump Wed 27-May-15 13:47:17

rosepetalsoup you can ask for a female doctor if you like? And I promise he probably sees someone with this every week.

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