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Epsom Birth Centre

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ELDC1 Sat 23-May-15 12:43:42


I just would like a nice quick answer specific to my question......what is Epsom Birth Centre like for giving birth in? I don't need to know about travel distances, how many birth suites, number of birth pools etc.
Just is the atmosphere nice, are the midwives active listeners to our needs, is it clean, is it serene and calm, and not over medicalised.

If anyone has any pics of the centre that would be super also.


Cgow Sat 30-May-15 00:45:27

My sister gave birth in Epsom and had an absolute traumatic time, midwives failed to communicate very vital information about her babies delivery etc, she had the fauceps and they paralysed babies arm and much more!
I'm currently at St helier after using birth centre and it was fab I can't fault a single thing I had one to one support start to end! Midwives were so friendly and genuinely cared. Now I have heard good things about epsoms but honestly from what I've heard the midwives are very poor, my sister is currently putting in a complaint x

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