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Unstable lie 38+4 advice please?

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Gingergeek Wed 13-May-15 21:10:20

Posted this in pregnancy too but don't know if it would be better here:
Third baby following two vaginal straightforward-ish deliveries (7lb3 and 7lb11 weights).

Baby has been breech from around 30 weeks and I was sent for a scan at 36+6 at which point baby was head down and fixed at the brim. Since then baby has been flipping and spinning no end.
Yesterday baby was definitely transverse at around teatime, oblique later on and then head up by bed time. No pain when moving so obviously lots of room.
Lo and behold though baby was back head down at my midwife appointment this afternoon. I did explain what's been happening but was worried she wouldn't believe me.
She did try and get a consultant apt but there are none available until well after my due date so I have to attend maternity daycare on Friday afternoon to be assessed with the possibility of ARM to induce if head down.

My worry is that If baby happens to be head down again I'll just be dismissed and will end up stressing about cord prolapse.
Also worrying about the options if baby is seen by others to be an unstable lie ie section vs induction.
Does anyone have any advice about being taken seriously if midwives and docs don't "see" the baby in the wrong position, or any experience of unstable lies?

gincamelbak Mon 18-May-15 15:50:21

What makes you think the baby is moving so much? Are you certain about the head being up or down etc?

My baby flipped between breech oblique (bum in left hip) and transverse with back up. I got stretchmarks when he moved to transverse, more each time.

I had weekly scans from 35wks with the first two showing breech, third head down but fourth and final at 39+5 transverse with foot and cord presenting.

I was admitted to hospital, initially told for 24 h monitoring but once I was in i was told that as the lie was so unstable they wanted to keep me in until I went into labour. I cried a bit - I had a 4yr old at home and had to organise for my mum to stay to look after her.
Day 1 in hospital baby was breech then transverse again. A c section was agreed for the next morning.
Totally unexpectedly the consultant obs checked me that evening and baby had flipped to head down.
Next morning was scanned again amd as baby was head down we agreed on an Artificial Rupture of Membranes in theatre with intention of having normal vaginal delivery.

The ARM was fine, LOADS of water and was monitored for half an hour to make sure baby was Ok with it. Then headed down to labour room for delivery.

The baby had a clip on his head so I couldn't really move much during labour. But I had a normal delivery in the end.

In your shoes I would go to day care but if worried phone and see if you can go in earlier than Friday. Explain about what you've been feeling. Ask for options if baby is transverse - willyou have c section? Kept in for monitoring? If head down but unstable lie agreed will you be induced?

It is totally possible that baby will engage amd stay that way but it sounds like you want to have a clear discussion with midwife or Dr about what options are.

Gingergeek Wed 20-May-15 12:39:40

Thanks for the reply.
Knew baby was flipping as I could see the movement happening and had two big hard "lumps" at either side when transverse. And could feel hiccups at the top of my belly when head up.
Was monitored at daycare for about half an hour and scanned. Baby was definitely head down and down into pelvis and since then has definitely dropped further so hoping that's where s/he stays until birth-day.
Thanks for the advice though smile

gincamelbak Wed 20-May-15 15:08:25

Great news the baby is head down and has dropped. Hope the flipping days are over!

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