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home birth stories please

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Sheepoverthemoon Wed 29-Apr-15 12:12:54

Im 23 weeks and just wanted a bigger picture. How did your home birth go? Did you have a VE? What interventions/pain relief did you have, how hands on/hands off was your MW? Thanks

Letmeeatcakecakecake Wed 29-Apr-15 17:14:07

Hey! I had a home birth 10 days ago and it went beautifully.

I hired a birth pool. My midwife came and wanted to examine me purely because I sounded like the baby was at a funny angle (she was facing sideways it turns out) so she did. I didn't want any after that and my midwife was fine with it!

Midwife was very hands off, just let me do what I needed to, she helped me relax when heart rate increased too much and guided me through contractions only when I asked!

I had only gas and air!

Would honestly reccomend a home birth to anyone that would listen! It was wonderful!

Roseybee10 Wed 29-Apr-15 22:00:48

I had a fab home birth in February.

I called MW as my first birth went very quickly and just wanted to let her know I was in labour although I knew I was less than 4cm at the time. She came out and I had a VE which I was fine with. I was 3cm and stretched to 4. She said she didn't think it would be long and that she didn't want to sit and watch me but wouldn't go far so she left me to labour with hubby.
He started filling the pool as my waters went about 20 mins after she left and things cranked up. Called mw an hour later and she got stuck in traffic and arrived at around 6.30pm. I had just gotten into the water after using my tens machine for pain relief.
Got gas and air about 6.45 once they got it set up and felt my body pushing. MW wanted me to get out the pool and do a VE but I refused as I could feel baby's head about to crown. Sure enough she was out within 3 contractions after that. (Born at 7.02pm, MW did examination at about 3.45 pm)
Hubby caught dd and passed her through my knees to me so mws were very hands off and didn't really feel they were involved until it came to the after birth stuff.

I loved the experience in comparison to my first birth in hospital.

Sheepoverthemoon Thu 30-Apr-15 09:14:54

Thanks letmeeatcake. Did you have to do anything about lo being on her side? Or did she naturally move to a better position? Also was this your first baby? And how long was you in labour gor?

Thanks roseybee, with it being my first do you think mW would stay rather than go and come back?

Both really helpful positive stories :-)

Roseybee10 Thu 30-Apr-15 15:15:16

The MW was fully prepared to stay if I wanted but I was quite happy for her to go tbh and just leave me to get on with things x

Sheepoverthemoon Fri 01-May-15 10:39:25

Aww brilliant :-)

Nomorethongs Fri 01-May-15 21:59:29

I had a home birth 3 weeks ago, it was my second birth, first hospital. Had water pool, great experience. Midwife supportive but hands off, no ve, just gas and air, 9lbs 6oz baby. Both of us well and no complications, no stitches or bleeding and had complication of retained placenta in first but no problem this time. Was great being at home, I went from room to room, watched film, lit candles and had he environment I wanted, I believe being so relaxed really helps the birth experience!!

soundsystem Sat 02-May-15 19:45:09

Hey! I had a home birth for my first baby in November. It was great! Midwife was quite hands off (we had discussed in advance what I felt I wanted/needed from her and I was keen to be left to get on with it as much as possible) but absolutely there if I needed her, and was very supportive/encouraging when - at transition - I quite calmly said I wasn't going to do it anymore and she would need to make a plan B to get the baby out blush.

In terms of pain relief, I had a TENS machine which was great for the most part and then really annoyed me later on (It was more of a distraction than pain relief, which is what I wanted early on but at the end I needed to focus!). Tried gas and air but made me feel a bit woozy so didn't have anything for the pushing bit.

I had a VE when the midwife first arrived: she had seen me two hours earlier when my waters had broken but nothing was happening, so she felt I wasn't in "proper" labour and suggested a nice shower and some paracetamol. I felt quite strongly that I really actually having a baby right then and insisted she check, which she did mostly to humour me. Turned out I was fully-dilated so she got on the phone for the second midwife smile. I really think the fact I was at home helped me stay calm and cope everything, it was great to be in my own space and not have the stress of when to go to hospital, remembering to take everything, etc

DoItTooJulia Sat 02-May-15 19:55:22

I had a wonderful home birth with my first, 10 years ago.
Mw was slightly more old fashioned than I would have liked: she wasnt comfortable with me delivering in the pool so I dutifully got out, but the lights were low, my music was on, my mum, sister and dh were there and it was very calm and lovely.
My sister dressed the baby while my mum supervised the delivery of the placenta. And dh cried into my hair. Then we had toast and champagne and my dad came to empty the birth pool.
All in all, wonderful.
Congratulations op flowers

MehsMum Sat 02-May-15 20:17:04

My HBs were a long time ago - youngest DC is now in her teens!

They all went fine. I had a VE (I think only one) each time, and delivered on all fours. By the time I had the last one I knew the midwife who was on call really rather well... She hadn't delivered me before but she had seen me through several pregnancies.

For pain relief I had gas and air. There was always a dose of pethidine handy if I needed it but I didn't.

I really enjoyed being at home, being able to wash off in my own bath and crawl back into my own bed, the other DC being able to see the new baby asap... all of it, really. It all just felt right.

cailindana Sun 03-May-15 12:29:04

I had DS in hospital and DD at home. The MWs were great and all went well until pushing when she wouldn't budge. They were getting ready to transfer me and my DH was on the phone to my best friend to get him to come over to look after DS. When I realised my (male) bf would see me in such a state I thought "no way!" hopped on the couch, got angry and got her out while everyone else was busy doing other things! DH had to run in from the kitchen. Turned out she was back to back, but the MWs didn't realise. If I had been in hospital I'm sure they would have started talking much sooner about intervention which would have defeated me. Loads of back to back deliveries end up with forceps. I'm so glad I avoided that. All was fine after that - DD perfect, placenta delivered, nice shower etc. In the unlikely event that I ever have another I would have another hb but I would be in a room on my own and only allow people in now and again. From doing it twice I know what I need is to focus and that people just distract me.

One thing that wasn't great is that 'D'H decided he was tired and went off to bed about an hour after DD arrived (MWs had just left). It's only with hindsight that I realise how dangerous it was for me to be in a room on my own with a new baby having just given birth. If I had had a sudden haemorrhage or felt faint I could have dropped the baby. At least in hospital you have nurses and other patients around who will notice if you're not well. I've since ripped DH's head off for doing that. Twat.

laural24 Tue 26-May-15 12:26:37

I had a homebirth with my second baby 6 months ago. I am a complete hospital phobe! So it was the best option for me. I had a straight forward first labour and a low risk second pregnancy. I didn't have a water birth as it wasn't something that appealed to me but having a home birth was the best decision I ever made. I laboured much quicker and easier being comfortable in my own environment. My mw was brilliant and only hands on when needed to be. my labour was only 3 hours long. The best part for me was after my son was born and the midwives had left (about 2 hours after he was delivered) I could get in my own bed, in my own shower and be in my own comforts. Definitely recommend smile

CuppaSarah Wed 27-May-15 12:01:31

Question from another hopeful homebirther. How do you empty the pool? Is it easy?

Roseybee10 Wed 27-May-15 22:25:19

Fairly easy. You get s pump and can empty it down the loo. Hubby needed a jug for the last wee bit that the pump couldn't catch x

CityDweller Wed 03-Jun-15 21:44:11

Had hb with my first, and planning one with my second. It was great. MW gave me a VE when she turned up and then 'managed' my labour in a brilliant way (she put me in birth pool even though I was only 2cm as she had a feeling things might progress quickly - she was right, baby was born a few hours later). MWs were brilliant - gave me exactly the right amount of support/ encouragement and followed our lead. I was offered gas and air, but didn't get on with it. They also stayed for hours after DD was born as her temp was quite low. It was a great experience, hence me wanting another hb.

racheld09 Fri 05-Jun-15 16:03:07

Hi, I'm planning a home water birth for my third child at the end of July and these stories are a great insight. Just wondered for those of you who had a water birth did you find you needed a second birth partner to help keep the water warm etc. whilst hubby did the rubbing your back type of things or did you manage with just one. I read somewhere that it was recommended for this reason. Thanks

Springtimemama Fri 05-Jun-15 16:09:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Goodbetterbest Fri 05-Jun-15 16:18:14

Three of my four were born at home, all very gentle, natural births. No complications, no tearing.
Somehow, despite being in a busy London borough, the same MW who did DC2s newborn checks delivered DC3 and 4 which was particularly lovely.
Dc4 was very quick, a bit if a race against time for the MW to get there, DC4 was two weeks late and shot out after about one hour bag in tact. Absolute piece of piss!

A shower in your own shower afterwards, your own bed, tea in your own mug. You can't beat it.

My top tip is to put fresh bed linen on your bed. Cover the whole lot with a plastic decorators sheet, then disposable old sheets and towels for the birth. When you have given birth and are showering, MW whips the whole top layer off, and you sink into lovely clean bed with precious newborn, tea and toast. It doesn't get any better. gringrin

I do think having a second birthing partner is really useful. A HB makes for a very relaxed atmosphere.

Wigeon Fri 05-Jun-15 16:23:21

My home birth story ended with me probably 8cm dilated, ringing for the midwife, only to be told there were none available as they were all in Saturday morning clinic, and if they came out to me, they'd have to close the clinic and turn away 40 women. Despite me being fully registered for a home birth with full support of my community midwives, midwife having done the home visit, and that I went into labour at a very predictable 40 weeks+ 4 days or so. And I had even asked several weeks previously whether there were midwife shortages in the area which might mean I couldn't have the home birth, and was told no, and that I was the only woman registered for a home birth in my area!

So I had to travel to hospital in late labour, where I gave birth an hour after arriving, and left four hours after that. Very irritating.

So my advice is to check and check again about midwife availability.

CityDweller Fri 05-Jun-15 18:05:25

One birth partner is fine re. topping up pool, etc. To be honest, I was so in my own world for most of it that I didn't really notice if DH went off for a bit to do things like that. And I definitely didn't want him rubbing my back or anything else! I probably would have punched him if he'd tried to do that.
The stage I really needed him was when I was pushing as he knelt on the outside of the pool and I knelt in it, holding on to his shoulders while I was baring down.

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