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the show? No colouring though.....

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GeordieVik Wed 28-Apr-04 07:12:12

Hi, I'm a newish Mumsnetter (have been lurking on the board for a few weeks.)

I'm at 40+5 (official due date was 25th April) and have been lucky enough to have had a very healthy pregnancy.
I haven't really had any signs of labour yet, the m/w says the head's definitely engaged, and that the baby is 'well cooked', and on Saturday morning I did have some crampy pain for a couple of hours, but that went, and nothing since.

This morning, when I went to the loo, I had what I am convinced is a show, but there was absolutely no 'blood' there at all - in all of the preggy books, they call it the 'bloody show' and say it will be pink, red or brownish. Do you think it was? And how long do you think it will be till D-day?



papillon Wed 28-Apr-04 07:21:27

Hi and welcome to Mumsnet

Are you having any more crampy feelings? When I was pregnant I had period like feelings at first, which went away - but returned the following day.
Some woman feel cramps for days - it is really hard to predict when full labour will begin.

The show you had it... was it clear or alittle discoloured. The *plug* may have been what you saw. This plug can be quite clear. If that has been seen then I would say you look to be moving towards labour and your cervix is opening

Good luck and all the best!!!

GeordieVik Wed 28-Apr-04 07:32:30

Hi Papillon, thanks for replying. To be gross (sorry!) it was like egg white to look at, but MUCH stickier!)

Crampy feelings - yeah, have felt on & off, but not in a way I could time as contractions - they'll last for a while, then just go.

Thanks for rhe welcome.

papillon Wed 28-Apr-04 09:46:50

yup.. sounds like your mucus plug. Be patient and keep being abit active which can help things along, little walk around the block or house.. maybe have a nice bath.

Look forward to your post on the arrivals board

GeordieVik Wed 28-Apr-04 10:09:19

thanks again. Not sure whether to get excited or freak out!!

sexgoddess Wed 28-Apr-04 10:10:58

My plug looked like the jelly you find in a pork pie!! Sorry!

And there was a little circle of blood in my knickers too.

Twinkie Wed 28-Apr-04 10:11:00

Mine was a big ball of snot like stuff - no colour - 2 weeks befor eDD was born - make sure you inform midwife if nothing happens.

suzywong Wed 28-Apr-04 10:11:07

OOohh be excited! You will be kissing your baby very soon!

papillon Wed 28-Apr-04 10:12:28

quiet state of excitement I totally recommend

listen to some relaxing music... surround yourself wih good smells (aromatherapy perhaps)
bake a cake!!!

papillon Wed 28-Apr-04 10:13:57

no there is gross for u!!!!

Lisa78 Wed 28-Apr-04 10:15:14

mine was quite blood free both times too, get your feet up girl - you'll be snuggling your baby really soon!
Lots of luck, don't forget to tell us how you get on

GeordieVik Wed 28-Apr-04 10:15:38

I think DH would die on the spot if I started baking (or possibly after he'd eaten the results!! )

papillon Sat 01-May-04 08:38:17

any baby yet yet GeordieVik?

GeordieVik Wed 05-May-04 20:39:39

Hi, yes, our little boy was born on Friday 30th after 23 hours of labour. So it WAS the show!!!

We've called him Alexander, he weighed in at a substantial 9lbs 13ozs...

Am recovering from forceps & episiotomy delivery at the mo (ouch!!)


Hulababy Wed 05-May-04 20:43:58

Congratulations and welcome to Alexander
Don't forget to put this on te birth annoucement.

Egypt Wed 05-May-04 20:45:42

Congratulations Vik! Great to hear some lovely news. Sorry, butting in here, but was reading your thread with great interest - am waiting to see what this 'show' is like for me!

Best wishes and enjoy

GeordieVik Wed 05-May-04 20:51:07

Thanks all!

When are you due Egypt?

Bozza Wed 05-May-04 21:28:55

Congratulations Vik. Hope you are not too sore. My DS was 9lb10 so not quite as big as yours but I was fortunate enough to manage with just an episiotomy but was still very sore. Hope it is all going well.

And Egypt - don't you dare go having a show before me!

spots Thu 06-May-04 06:45:53

well done geordievik, fantastic! do give us more details if you can bear to re-live it all, we have constant thirst and lots of first timers (like me: due tomorrow and on permanent show alert) in state of birth story receptiveness...

papillon Thu 06-May-04 07:14:51


My what a big boy!!

Egypt Thu 06-May-04 12:11:46

due 17 may geordievik
the race is bozza

GeordieVik Mon 10-May-04 11:39:16

thanks all.
I put a brief summary of the experience in the 'Epidural or not to epidural' thread on Wednesday, 5 May if you want to see how it went. Although I was quite scared & apprehensive beforehand, once I went into labour, I just accepted it & my body took over (at one point during the night of contractions, DH said I looked like an animal, not really there with him, and making strange grunts & groans he'd never heard from me before.)

We're now trying to get used to the waking up overnight and trying to get DS to sleep (taking 2 hours after each feed at the mo! Yawn....)

GeordieVik Mon 10-May-04 11:39:43

and good luck to you both Bozza & Egypt

Linnet Tue 18-May-04 22:28:24

I have to ask on the off chance that someone might know. Is there a colour of show that you should be worried about? This might get a bit gross.

I'm now 5 days overdue and since Sunday I've been having some gunky discharge not a lot but it's there now and then. I'm assuming that this is the show but since I didn't have one with first baby I'm not sure. I am getting some Braxton Hicks as well but been having them for weeks so I'm ignoring them.

Anyway back to the show, sometimes it seems to be clear eggwhite stuff and other times it seems to be a sort of thick off white/yellowy/green tinged look about it, a lot like snot basically. I'm sorry to be so graphic but I'm beginning to wonder if I should be phoning the midwife. It's certainly not pink/blood tinged. I feel fine and baby is still moving around a lot so it seems to be ok.

Anybody know if it's normal? I know that the show can appear long before anything actually happens which is why I've not worried up until now about it being 3 days but did wonder about the colour.

Thanks for any help.

Yorkiegirl Tue 18-May-04 22:33:52

Message withdrawn

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