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Hospital bag - ELCS - what have I missed??

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snowydrops Mon 09-Feb-15 11:13:43

Just packing my hospital bag up and would appreciate your comments!

I'm having an ELCS after a VB last time so I know it will be slightly different things I need.

Firstly, do I need a separate bag for the theatre/birth bit and then for the ward?? If so what goes in which bag?

So I have...

For me:

1 x nightie (comfy and ok for breastfeeding) - should I take 2?
Pjs x 1
Slip on slippers
Dressing gown
Nursing bras (from last time, hope to be approx same size...) I have v big boobs so no bra is not an option, I've been sleeping in one since 4 months pregnant.
Maternity pads x 10
Breast pads
Ear plugs
Lip balm
Shampoo/toothbrush/shower gel on a hook, deodorant, make up, hair brush
Nipple cream
Arnica tablets (200 strength)
Peppermint oil tablets
Peppermint tea bags
Book (I'm case have to wait)
Phone charger
BIG pants x 8 pairs

For baby

Newborn nappies
Vests x 4
Baby grows x 4
Hat, cardigan, snow suit for journey home

Have I missed anything?! I also have a c-sec belt and a breastfeeding pillow but will I need these in hospital? It's likely I will be in at least 48hrs as that's the policy and it could be longer onviously.

Any tips would be appreciated.


snowydrops Mon 09-Feb-15 11:16:52

Also I plan to breastfeed (did last time) but my milk came in v late and so we had to cup feed a bit too in hospital. Am I best to take some formula with us in case that happens again? I remember it being really difficult to get them to help me with it during the night despite a midwife advising it!! We were in 4 days last time tho so perhaps that is why we needed the cup feed as milk still hadn't come through.

Pandasandmonkeys Mon 09-Feb-15 12:25:49

When I had elcs 2.5 years ago, we couldn't take any bags to theatre. DH was told to carry 2 nappies, 1 vest & 1 baby grow to the theatre where a nurse took them and placed them in an empty cot ready for bubs. Being allowed to take spares would have been great as ds pooped all over everything within 45 mins, meaning DH had to nip back to the ward to get more stuff.
More than 10 maternity pads too I'd say, bleeding was about the same as vb for me.
I took my own formula, just incase I needed it after SIL had a nightmare getting it after deciding she didn't want to bf

Sorehead Mon 09-Feb-15 14:12:30

Dry shampoo in case you can't be bothered/ don't feel up to washing your hair.

Sports type drinking bottle so you don't have to reach over to a table to get a drink and can have it in the bed with you.

My hospital provided formula so may be worth checking if yours is the same.

PestoSnowissimos Mon 09-Feb-15 14:15:16

I really appreciated a little foldaway changing mat. Otherwise you risk getting your bed dirty when changing nappies.

Heels99 Mon 09-Feb-15 14:17:18

Yes take the breastfeeing pillow.
Towel unless your hospital supplies
Money for tv

Will you need the snowsuit? Can't your partner bring that when baby goes home, will have to bring car seat anyway.
We had to supply cotton wool for nappy changes
Camera or will dh bring that?

Good luck

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Mon 09-Feb-15 14:18:10

A pillow is a good thing to take for feeding and for hugging when you leave the hospital as speed bumps are horrible.
2nd the dry shampoo and sports bottle.
Also comfy things to wear home, leggings/dress/yoga pants.
Slip on shoes or flip flop things for walking about in the hospital.
Snacks to eat after the birth.
I would also take a blanket for you as I was freezing at night and I had my cs in the hottest summer.

sophie150 Mon 09-Feb-15 14:25:13

Flip flops for the shower? Shower in the post natal ward was grim...
Lots of snacks- I was starving! Also took figs/ prunes to eat by the bucket load to get my digestion moving. I was constipated for weeks after my elves. And if I'm honest I'm still not back to normal after 11 weeks!
Camera - just in case you can't take a phone in so they can take photos in theatre
We were told to have a separate small bag for prep/ recovery bay with nightie, one change for baby etc. Husband then went and got the bigger case from the car when settled on post natal.
Second gbrining a changing mat- just the small ones you get in changing bags or a few disposables so you have somewhere to change baby
Eat plugs and eye mask to stand any chance of sleep on th ward
I took some 'lounge wear' type clothes (baggy cardi, joggers) so I was out of my nightie during the day- made me feel more human.
Make sure nothing sits on your scar - so big pants and high waists only!

sophie150 Mon 09-Feb-15 14:28:40

Elcs not elves!!

snowydrops Mon 09-Feb-15 14:31:17

Thanks these are brilliant tips!

SignoraStronza Mon 09-Feb-15 14:32:47

I found the peppermint oil capsules useless and took windeeze and charcoal tablets instead (you should find them in most health food shops or pharmacies). I'd take an extra nightie too - I found I sweated like a beast straight after the op and for at least the first night. It could have been the drugs though but then I was probably getting rid of an awful lot of water retention.
I packed a complete first outfit and a nappy in a zip lock bag to take into theatre. Saved rummaging around my bag.
What would have been useful is a spare t - shirt and change of underwear for dh (leave in the car) Not wishing to alarm you, but had a lot of bleeding and was in my own high dependency room for the first night, on what was the busiest weekend of the year. They encouraged dh to stay with me overnight which wasn't part off the original plan - he had a shower in my private bathroom and nothing clean to change into!

snowydrops Mon 09-Feb-15 16:45:27

Thanks for advice on the windeze! Also good to have a change of clothes for DH so will add that in.

Pico2 Mon 09-Feb-15 17:25:30

Going into theatre we needed:

Baby hat

Heels99 Mon 09-Feb-15 18:44:01

Yes yes yes to,the eye mask and ear plugs.

Petallic Mon 09-Feb-15 18:49:54

Straws and small carton drinks - can be drunk without having to fully sit up and whilst you are in your own

Hippopotamousse Tue 10-Feb-15 09:09:10

I would take a couple of cereal bars or something similar for breakfast the morning after and ask your partner to leave them somewhere you can reach them. When I was wide awake on the ward at 4am, hungry and still with a catheter in I was so pleased my Mum had left a bag of cookies in reaching distance when she visited!

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