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I'm numb! TMI alert!

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Pandasandmonkeys Mon 09-Feb-15 08:32:55

Dd was born naturally and very rapidly 2 months ago. No major damage or stitches thankfully. Last night we tried to do the deed for the first time since. Apart from some expected soreness internally, I realised that I'm completely numb around the opening and had virtually no sensation of the the penetration and had to ask DH if he was 'in'. This was certainly never an issue before as I'm a lucky girl when it comes to DH's thang!! wink please tell me this numbness is temporary? I'd be gutted to have lost that sad we've been together over 10 years and have always had a great sex life. Ant tips for regaining sensation, or am I kidding myself that it'll come back? Thanks in advance.

Zsazsabinks Mon 09-Feb-15 10:01:09

Didn't want to read and leave but I don't have any specific advice for you.

I think you could maybe speak with your GP but it is only two months and everything feels very odd down there for a while, even if you didn't have stitches.

Speak to your doc. x

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