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41 weeks - brown discharge - is this a show? (Sorry, tmi!)

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scaredexcited Thu 05-Feb-15 07:01:40

So yesterday I had some brown, non-mucousy discharge. I called triage and the midwife there said that it was probably a show. I'm just worried because the discharge is not mucousy at all. I had some more discharge last night, same colour and consistency. I can't stop worrying that this might be something other than a show. Has anyone else experienced this in late pregnancy? I did have some period-type pains yesterday and some backache but that has since stopped.

shaz1976 Thu 05-Feb-15 22:38:43

Does sounds like a show and early labour pains.....good luck x

ROARmeow Sat 07-Feb-15 08:53:24

Sounds promising!

Keep us updated once baby is born! grin

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