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Mummywithlove Tue 03-Feb-15 20:56:22

i had a beautiful baby boy on the 12th December and ive still not had a period? when should i get a period,? hmm x

DragonsDoHiccup Tue 03-Feb-15 20:57:11

My dd2 is 15 months and I had my first last month grin

Showy Tue 03-Feb-15 20:57:40

Are you breastfeeding?

Buttercup27 Tue 03-Feb-15 20:58:04

Mine took about 6 months and I ff.

ElphabaTheGreen Tue 03-Feb-15 21:01:31

DS1 - period came back at 17 months on the day I gave him his last breastfeed. That was the only one I've had since August 2011 as two weeks later I was upduffed with DS2.

DS2 is now 6 months and I have yet to see AF and he is a boob-monster, nay, maniac like his big brother. Not expecting to see her any time soon for that reason.

Zsazsabinks Tue 03-Feb-15 22:10:07

DD1 took 9months and I was doing breast and bottle

DD2 hadn't had one even after a year and now I'm pregnant again...without having had a period inbetween!

Ems1812 Tue 03-Feb-15 22:16:14

You lucky sods! Mine came back 3 weeks (!!!) after giving birth to DS & were much worse than before!

QueenB14 Tue 03-Feb-15 23:20:32

I had DD last November and got my first period early Jan.


VioletVelvet Wed 04-Feb-15 09:43:53

It was about 6 weeks post birth for mr (ff)

NickyEds Wed 04-Feb-15 10:09:30

Four weeks after last bf, so 7 months but I think it can be anytime really.

ohthegoats Thu 05-Feb-15 11:03:56

Baby on 13th October, no period yet. BF.

Mummywithlove Thu 05-Feb-15 12:45:06

i was breast feeding but milk kinda stopped when ds was 5week old and been on bottle for 3weeks now, so basically i can have a period at ANY time hmm thanks you'll for ur replies thanks x

Minty82 Thu 05-Feb-15 12:50:28

3 months with DD, 7 months with DS. Both breastfed.

ch1134 Sun 08-Feb-15 09:29:22

I breast fed and had my first period after 11 months. I'd hoped to start trying for baby no.2 by then but my body wasn't ready! I think they started again as I was weaning baby of breast.
Now decided to give my body a little break and wait to have 2-3 periods before trying for another pregnancy.

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