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C-section at RFH or UCLH how did your booking work?

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bracingair Sun 01-Feb-15 18:31:11

I will be needing a c-section for dc4, and as this will be my 4rth c-section I was told a senior registrar or consultant would prob do it. How did the booking work?
Thanks smile

smogsville Tue 03-Feb-15 11:05:49

Hi OP. Am at UCLH. 28+6. Second pregnancy, second section for medical reasons under GA.

Saw consultant and then anaesthetist sometime between 12 and 20 weeks - can't remember when. Midwife organised it at my booking in appt and then I got appt letters in the post.

At appt with consultant we got the consent forms signed and anaesthetist was mainly to check that he would be able to do his bit (checking my bite and airways and so on).

Then I got a letter in post confirming the date with proviso that it might be postponed depending on what happens on the day with emergency/ crash sections. It's at 39+1.

Lastly I have arranged my pre-assessment clinic appt which is three days before op.


bracingair Tue 10-Feb-15 19:35:07

Thanks for that info, somehow i missed your reply

Did the consultant book you to be done by him? Do you know who will be doing it, or does it depend on the day?

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