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nightdress for birth?

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nataliekristin Sat 31-Jan-15 10:30:17

I need to buy a few nightdresses for when I'm in hospital. I've got one which is just a pull over nightdress I can use after birth, but for during labour etc should I try get a button up one? I'm just thinking what is easiest for that immediate skin to skin contact. or can the baby go up inside your nightdress and out the top?

I'm probably over thinking this!

meglet Sat 31-Jan-15 10:35:21

I think primark sell button up nighties. I wore them when my dc's were newborn.

cadidog Sat 31-Jan-15 10:39:43

Primark all the way. I threw away the one I gave birth in - it was so cheap I didn't care and had a button down one for after. I'd buy at least 2 so you've got a nice clean one to wear post-birth.

SpottyTeacakes Sat 31-Jan-15 10:42:30

I wouldn't have wanted to wear a nightdress post birth I had big knickers, with two pads and a pair of tracksuit bottoms and still managed to bleed through it all.

Primark def sell the button up ones though.

Annarose2014 Sat 31-Jan-15 10:46:51

Primark. I had one that was pull over but had deep buttons down the front. Tbh, you won't use any high necked ones for months if you're bfing.

bagofsnakes Sat 31-Jan-15 10:49:07

I think a dark coloured nighty with button/poppers for skin to skin and breastfeeding is the way forward. Mothercare does some nice ones. For this coming birth I also have a JoJo Maman labour wrap (second hand from ebay, not sure I'd pay full price for it) and it looks like it'll be just the thing. That said, last time I threw all of my clothing off for the last hour of labour - pushing a baby out makes you very, very warm!

moggle Sat 31-Jan-15 10:54:23

I brought two primark button nighties to hospital but I prefered to just lift a tshirt up to breastfeed. It was so hot in the labour ward I just wore knickers and a tshirt.
For labour I was just wearing one of DH's tshirts as that was what I was wearing in bed when I went into labour...
Since comjng home, at night ive found I again prefer to just lift up a top to feed so wear pj bottoms and primark long sleeved Jersey tops.

nataliekristin Sat 31-Jan-15 10:57:48

Thanks ladies smile

Bohemond Sat 31-Jan-15 11:10:09

NCT shop has a nice choc brown bamboo one. Is £35 so not cheap but looks nice, stretches in most directions and doesn't show stains!

ToniWol Sat 31-Jan-15 20:14:56

I mainly wore a soft bra top for labour. I was so warm. But Primark do have comfy nightdresses with buttons (both maternity and normal).

Sonoma Sat 31-Jan-15 20:46:02

During labour - hospital gown. Only had this dawn on me third time round. Then you can ditch it. Save your button ups for after!

OhTheDrama Sat 31-Jan-15 21:49:25

I have bought 2 of the Primark button up ones in dark colours, they were £4.50 each. One for labour and one for post birth. I prefer pyjamas but will have to wear to a nightie as I've been told they will have to frequently check me due to a previous PPH.

SoMuchForSubtlety Sat 31-Jan-15 23:18:32

I spent my whole labour (well, from 5cm dilated when my midwife said I could) in the pool completely starkers (and honestly couldn't have cared less who saw what as long as it related to getting DD out as fast as possible). I had a button up nightgown for afterwards.

Dogsmom Sun 01-Feb-15 16:44:31

I bought a couple of over the head ones from Matalan, I simply rolled it up for skin to skin.
The plan was to buy cheap and throw away but there was no blood on them despite an episiotomy and I've worn them for the past 2 years and packed them for dd2's birth in 4 weeks

PontypineNumber9 Sun 01-Feb-15 21:22:10

I went to Primark last week
looking for one of these but they didn't have any! Does anyone know where else sells cheap, dark, button up nighties?

HSMMaCM Sun 01-Feb-15 21:33:46

I had a short nightshirt and a million pairs of big pants and a massive dressing gown

museumum Sun 01-Feb-15 21:38:44

i was far more comfortable in maternity or breastfeeding vests and pj bottoms afterwards in hospital. I had two or three pairs of baggy black pj bottoms with big wide stretchy waists (maternity style).

ChickenMe Mon 02-Feb-15 07:19:16

Shops frequented by your Gran are good for nighties! Bon Marché, Peacocks, BHS etc. Had a great time rummaging around in those shops!

monkeyfacegrace Mon 02-Feb-15 08:45:33

Am I the only one who was stark bollock naked?! I have no intention of having anything on. It's too hot and sticky and yuck.

I'll just have my nice cool shower afterwards and chuck on joggers and a hoody thanks!

ohthegoats Mon 02-Feb-15 12:56:36

I was naked as soon as I got in the pool room, but had a button up thing for afterwards, which I didn't actually wear much. I found (and still find, 4 months later) that jersey spaghetti strap nighties are most useful for breastfeeding.

Topsyloulou Mon 02-Feb-15 21:42:49

For labour I wore a longer length vest top, it is boiling in hospital so you won't want much on. Ended up having emcs & after that had night dress for first night & then after that had nursing vests with big pyjama bottoms & big pants.

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