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VBac or elective section after failing to progress first time

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Pipa21 Fri 30-Jan-15 09:36:27

Hi im hoping for some views or experiences of others to try and help me decide.

Iv got 7 weeks to decide Vbac or ElcS. with my first child my waters broke at 38 wks but i didnt go into labour i was induced with drip 24hrs later but after being on drip for 6+hours my labour had not progressed at all i was contracting and at that point ready for some pain relief but nothing else was going on down there no dilation at all. Then they noticed babys heart rate kept dropping but as they couldnt get a monitor on her i was taken strait for csec. Theres been no sort of real explination as to why i didnt progress just one of those things im told.

Now im expecting second child and been asked to decide vbac or elcS. I really dont know what to choose. Iv researched as much as i can and i can see the benefits of both but making a decision is proving difficult as it was quite a distressing time first time round as we didnt know what was the reasons and it all happened very quickly and my fear is of it hapening again.

Has anyone else experienced this or had to make the same decision.

Im greatful for any help smile

jessplussomeonenew Sat 31-Jan-15 07:13:57

Following as I will have a similar decision to make (my induction was due to pre-eclampsia but at similar term, with same lack of progress, distress and EMCS). I am edging towards elcs as my section recovery was smooth and painless, bf went well etc. I'm aware next time I might not be so lucky even with an elective section, so I'd consider going for vbac if labour starts spontaneously and there's no sign of pre-eclampsia again, but I'd definitely go for elcs over induction.

MrsHooolie Sat 31-Jan-15 08:50:36

I have had two emcs for failure to progress.
Spontaneous labour both times,with the first I had syntocin and still couldn't get past 4cms.
With my 2nd I was so undecided about Vbac/ELCS and changed my mind on a daily basis.
On my due date I had a wobble and asked for an ELCS. Then I went into labour and decided to give it a go. Still didn't dilate so had a c section. It wasn't an emergency as such,and very similar to an ELCS and it made me realise how wonderful an ELCS can be.
I would say go with your heart.Will you be disappointed if you don't try or are you not bothered about that?

Tranquilitybaby Sat 31-Jan-15 09:08:44

What does heaet tell you? Would you like to try to try for a natural birth?

Your last birth was your last birth, this is different chapter and may we'll be a totally different story.

Pinkseren Sat 31-Jan-15 15:12:50

Your experience is almost identical to mine. Cannot advise but I'm going for vbac because I didn't like the recovery period after section. The actual section was fine, it was just the not driving, aching etc after it. Also I has continuous problems with pain from the scar which was being investigates when I found out I was pregnant again. During this pregnancy, these problems seem to have rectified themselves so if I'm lucky, I will come out of this the other end cured of the pain the precious c section had caused me. All the best with your decision.

AliMonkey Sat 31-Jan-15 18:08:41

Like OP my waters broke at 38 weeks then nothing happened so induced. Got to about 4cm very slowly, asked for epidural then everything stopped. Had CS. I researched a lot second time around and decided that would have VBAC unless had to be induced then would go for ELCS (as higher risk of rupture if induced after CS). Main reason was that if had CS would be slow recovery time and wouldn't be able to pick up toddler or drive anywhere for few weeks. It worked out for me and am glad I did it (but obviously wouldn't have been if had ended up with EMCS).

Pipa21 Mon 02-Feb-15 15:02:09

Thanks for your replies. Before doing any sort of research or reading other people's experiences my mind was swaying towards elcs but I think I may say that if I go into labour naturally then ill try for vac however I do not wish to be induced as yes it does increase the risk of rupture however I feel I don't dilate like last time or it doesn't come on naturally then I will be skin for Csec as i think it will be the best thing for me and baby x

ilovelamp82 Mon 02-Feb-15 17:37:11

i failed to progress first time round. Had emcs. Ended up losing 2 litres of blood. Not the greatest experience.

With my second i went for the elcs. a lovely experience. Home within 18 hours. Healed a lot better and quicker. Definitely don't regret my decision. i had another huge baby, so i'm convinced it would have happe ned again.

MrsHooolie Mon 02-Feb-15 19:29:38

That sounds like a great idea OP. Book in for a 'late' ELCS and of you go into labour then give it a go.
I booked in for mine at 41 weeks and went into labour at 40+3.
Best of luck.

fishfingerSarnies Tue 03-Feb-15 16:03:14

I failed to progress first time, never made it passed 3 cm after being on the drip for 14 hours and contracting the day before too.
I'm 34 weeks and last week having spoken to mw have made a plan to book csection but if I go naturally before I'm going to attempt vbac.
At my last appointment the mw read my old notes and told me my dd had been back to back which may have been why I didn't dilate, no one told me at the time but must have known as it was in my notes.
Good luck with what ever you decide.

FFTransform Sat 07-Feb-15 15:45:12

I failed to progress 1st time and had an emcs, I decided that given the odds I'd rather have a elcs than another long labour ( especially as as far as my body was concerned it would have been a first vaginal birth) and emcs especially as having a toddler, they let me albeit a bit reluctantly but I was sad I wouldn't have a 'proper' birth

I was 37 at the first and 39 at the second and have since found out that the reason older mothers have higher rates of c- section as their uterus become less efficient at contracting - failure to progress - as they get older - which none of the doctors had bothered to mention when trying to convince me that I was being a bit of a drama queen, so if you are old bear in mind that you may have a higher chance of a 2nd failure to progress

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