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First Baby Cossham Birthing Centre Worries!

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Bella90 Wed 28-Jan-15 13:00:12

Hi All,
I know this thread has been covered before,about a year ago, but I just wondered if anyone else had experience giving birth at the Cossham Birthing Centre in Bristol?

I am 32Weeks and a first time mum and had a few minor complications with bleeding at the beginning of my pregnancy. Things are all cleared up so far and I haven't had any problems since beginning of second trimester, meaning I am counted as low risk currently, (fingers crossed!).

I'm starting to think about a birthing plan and ideally would like a water birth and a VERY natural birth. Midwife has said home or somewhere like Cossham (which I would LOVE to go to) or Birthing Centre in Southmead would be my best options for my ideal birth. Cossham is my first choice, but I am concerned that we A. have a bit of a drive to get there (we live near Horfield) and B. If something was to go wrong that it's a good drive to Southmead (approx. 40 mins).

Does anyone have any advice? Any positive/negative experiences/views?

newartriotstar Fri 30-Jan-15 10:05:19

I had my second child in November and was booked in at Cossham. It is AMAZING there, it feels more like a hotel and the staff are fantastic. I did 12 hours of a back to back labour there but had to be transferred by ambulance to Southmead due to meconium in my waters. The transfer was super quick and my partner travelled in the ambulance with me as did my midwife from Cossham. Baby was fine but we had to stay on the ward for observations on her just in case.

I was gutted not to have baby at Cossham, not because of the birth experience but because it is such a lovely place to be after baby is born, your partner can stay and the rooms are gorgeous. If you're not freaked out by the possibility of an ambulance ride mid labour if there are complications or you want stronger pain relief then go for Cossham. If that worries you then the birth centre at Southmead has all the same facilities but is less flash and is just down the corridor from central delivery suite. The ward is just not as nice as a private room at Cossham! Hope this helps!

Bella90 Fri 30-Jan-15 10:25:02

Thanks! Defo! I've just had worries that it will take ages, or if anything is to go seriously wrong it is a bit of a distance! I am not worried about the 'lack of' pain relief at Cossham as I have always been set against ever having an epidural. if you would have had the choice, would you have had your first child there, all being well? Or do you think you were better prepared second time as you kind of had an idea of what to expect?

newartriotstar Fri 30-Jan-15 17:58:30

I didn't have the choice of Cossham first time around as it wasn't open. I was at St Mikes which was fab. Not sure I would have gone for Cossham first time around though purely due to fear of the unknown plus St Mikes was closest to us at the time.

Have you looked around either hospital yet? That might help you decide!

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