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Vomiting, back ache, 'loose' you know...(tmi) 37+5

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Zsazsabinks Tue 27-Jan-15 10:37:13


So I've been a little on the 'loose' side for a few days now. Today I feel exhausted, been sick and feel quite nauseous and have back ache. I STILL haven't finished work and have a meeting about a 40min walk away followed by school pick up, looking after the one year old and the midwife this afternoon. It's EXHAUSTING and I feel completely pathetic!

Do you think those are signs of impending labour of DD3 or do you think I have have a bug? Also have mega baby brain so I don't know why I'm even typing this other than opinions and probably sympathy! If they are symptoms of impending labour, how long have they gone on for for everyone else, don't know that I can hack this for weeks more!!!

Chunderella Tue 27-Jan-15 14:41:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Zsazsabinks Tue 27-Jan-15 17:45:35

I think just tired out muscles! I haven't had nausea before so not very impressed with that.

Saw the midwife today and actually the head was engaged which I wasn't expecting (baby2 and subsequent babies apparently don't engage until you're ready to go or pop in and out rather than go down and stay there), so that could explain the aching too.

Oh this bit is SO boring and rubbish!

Good luck to you Chunderella, hope you're feeling better too.

Chunderella Tue 27-Jan-15 20:52:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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