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Feeling very worried about giving birth

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tuffgingernut Mon 26-Jan-15 14:25:08

Hi all. 38+1 with DC3. Bit of background info. Previous 2 babies of average size. Had a huge PPH with 1st but a lovely uneventful delivery with number 2. Was overdue with them both by 5 and then 10 days. I think the reason for my nerves this time around is that I am just massive. (I'm 5.3 and started this pregnancy with a healthy bmi) Bump consistently measures 4 weeks ahead, I've really ballooned over the past two weeks and won't be surprised if measuring even bigger at my appointment tomorrow. I'm concerned that I just won't be able to deliver her or that, if she is as big as she seems to be, I'll have another haemorrhage. The fought of anything really serious happening and (sorry to be morbid) not being around for my DC fills me with dread and leaves me in an emotional wreck. I'd love to have her sooner rather than later but, although I haven't asked directly it seems that a larger than average bump isn't enough of a reason to intervene. Suppose I'm looking for reassurance and words of wisdom from others that might have been in a similar situation. Thanks.

EssexMummy123 Mon 26-Jan-15 14:28:45

Have you told your consultant that? i think you can request a c-section under certain circumstances if that's the route you were thinking of.

Jackieharris Mon 26-Jan-15 14:32:43

Essex- a c section increases the risk of pph so I dont see how that suggestion helps here.

OP what caused you pph? We're you this worried last time? If your last birth was straightforward then in all likelihood this one will be too.

Contact your midwife and tell her you're worried and hopefully she can give you some reassurance.

tuffgingernut Mon 26-Jan-15 15:36:29

Definitely want to avoid a c section. I've never had an answer as to what exactly caused the PPH, it's likely it was just due to a long labour and forceps delivery. I was nervous towards the end of the pregnancy with DC2 but don't remember being this worried. That was a few years ago though, so maybe I was. Bump this time is much bigger than last time though. Does anyone know if a larger baby increases the risk of PPH? I'm going to have a good chat with midwife when I see her.

Jodie1982 Wed 28-Jan-15 23:01:57

I had a terrible PPH with DC1, she was born at 38wks weighing 9lb 5oz, ventouse n forceps delivery I suffered 3rd/4th degree tear, needed blood transfusions. Had 2 bigger babies since then at 9lb 12oz and 10lb 6oz no PPH. Currently expecting baby no.5 (37+5) and is expected to be even bigger so I've asked to be induced so I don't go over due, consultant is happy to oblige so I'm booked for 39+6 a day before due date smile suffering terrible PGP as well.
You need to speak with MW or Consultant, tell them your fears. Good luck. smile

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