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3rd labours... Quick? Stories please

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Kemlex13 Sun 25-Jan-15 22:54:48

So DD1 born 36 weeks - induction Thursday AM born Saturday lunch.

DD2 born 39 weeks - spontaneous labour 1 hour 40mins first pain to birth.

DS due March, expected earlier. OH works about 1.5 hours away from home then in daytime traffic 20-30 mins to hospital. Starting to panic, a lot!

Did you find 3rd labours quicker than previous? What gestation? Less than a year between youngest and bump, weak uterus. Keep telling me he will be early :/

tomandizzymum Mon 26-Jan-15 10:04:47

Third labour was quicker than the fourth. I was worried too. Every one is different, but they don't necessarily get faster. All subsequent ones will generally be faster than the first.

tomandizzymum Mon 26-Jan-15 10:08:13

DS1 40 exactly, two days from twinge to push.
DD 40+6 7 hours from twinge to push.
DS2 39+5 2 hours from twinge to push.
DS3 40 exactly, 4 hours from twinge to push.

chillybits Mon 26-Jan-15 10:12:07

3rd was my fastest once painful contractions started it was 2 hours to delivery. 1st was 13 hours from syntocin induction, 2nd was 9 hours from waters breaking.

Kemlex13 Mon 26-Jan-15 11:18:03

I'm terrified. I wasn't with first, or second really. I'm getting beyond nervous with this one though!

NightLark Mon 26-Jan-15 11:25:41

First 24 hours, assisted, seemed to go on for ever;
Second 12 hours from waters going (my first warning) to birth, but only about 4 hours of contractions;
Third about 12 hours again, but waters didn't go until she was nearly born, she was huge, in a difficult position and got stuck: also seemed to take far longer to 'get going' with the labour than number two had.

All very different, but didn't continue with the 'halving of time in labour' that 1 and 2 seemed to have set up!

Bicnod Mon 26-Jan-15 11:30:16

DS1, born at 40 weeks, 12 hours from first contraction.

DS2, born at 40+1, waters broke 7.30am, contractions didn't start until 6pm, born 1.5 hours after first contraction.

DD, born at 41+12 shock, 5 hours from first contraction to birth. Had her at home as was concerned about how quickly DS2 arrived, getting to hospital etc. Home birth was fab, would highly recommend.

Sonoma Mon 26-Jan-15 22:28:33

Third was slightly slower than second. Niggly day, realised pains were every 10min or so, left for hospital, baby born within just over 2h of regular pains. Prob as waters went with second which massively ratcheted things up but third they went very late.
In my view, you need a back up plan or you may find yourself delivered by paramedics.

flippyflapper Mon 26-Jan-15 23:21:37

1st- 40+ 12 induction - from 1st contraction 4 hours

2nd- 40 - induction - from 1st contraction 3 hours

3rd - 34 weeks- from 1st contraction 15 minutes!

Kemlex13 Tue 27-Jan-15 06:55:06

FlippyFlapper eeeek!

I'm 33 weeks today past few days bad cervix pains. Last night wen over a pothole ended up getting this awful pain right up my back, came home was bleeding and cramping period like. Rang midwives and was told to ring back in a few hours. All seems to have settled and have CMW today nerves are really getting the better of me. I'm convinced my 4 year old will be delivering her baby brother asking "why is he in your cookie?" And "ewwww what's that?!" Haha

toptomatoes Tue 27-Jan-15 07:05:25

DC1 - about 36 hrs
DC2 - about 16 hours
DC3 - about 4 hours from first pain, at which point I was not dilated. 15 mins from when I called the midwife (was already in hospital)

Bicnod Tue 27-Jan-15 13:27:47

Just realised I wrote 41+12, I meant 40+12. 41+12 really would have been shock

strawberrydaquari Tue 27-Jan-15 13:39:10

Dc1 18 hours from waters breaking
Dc2 11 hours from first contraction
Dc3 4 hours from waters breaking, I went from 3cm dilated to ready to push within 20 mins

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