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Due2015 Sun 25-Jan-15 22:22:32


I know this has probably been done loads but looking for any advice
I'm due to be induced this week at 38 weeks and starting to get really nervous! Also worried about it taking ages! Does anyone have any stories from their experience

1stBabyQuestions Mon 26-Jan-15 00:52:17

I went in to be induced weds at 8pm. I was finally given gel at midnight. Contractions kicked in straight away. I was examined 6hrs later and was only 1-2cm dilated. I was then given gel again, and by 2pm (thurs) I was 3-4cm dilated and so sent to delivery suite to have waters broken. By the time they had a room it was around 5pm. Waters broken at 6pm. I was put on hormone drip at 10pm and then by 1am Friday morning I was 10cm. Baby arrived at 2am Friday morning.

It was LONG!! I was in hospital for nearly 48hours by the time we were discharged Friday evening. I had to be induced also at 38weeks for medical reasons but I would avoid this situation like the plague in future. My contractions after hormone drip were horrendous and despite my previous wishes I had to have an epidural because the pain is just so intense.

That being said, I recovered quickly and baby is happy and well so I couldn't ask for more!

rubyboo2 Mon 26-Jan-15 08:12:09

With my 2nd my hind waters went in a big gush , I was admitted due to being polyhydramnios and gbs this was in the night (39 wks) . The following morning they started me off and I gave birth in the evening . I had an epidural and it was the best of my 2 labours easily .
Good luck x

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