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Petrified of labour after experience of first

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Cisforcat Sun 18-Jan-15 23:06:54

Hi all,

I am currently 29 weeks with my second pregnancy and am absolutely petrified of giving birth again.

With my DD ( who is now 13 months old- so wasn't a long time ago!) I was induced at 12 days overdue. I then had three days of induction before finally giving birth when 15 days overdue , which ended in an episiotomy , forcep delivery and post partum haemorrhage.

Not only that but I had HOrRENDOUS piles from 2 hrs of pushing ( to the point the midwife kindly told me they were the worst she'd ever seen!)

Although I recovered remarkably well- and was able to have sex 6 weeks post partum with no long term effects to my 'bits' or pelvic floor etc- I am petrified I will have another awful birth / and or not recover in such a good way this time.

My DD was 7lb15 so average but my scans as well as measurements have shown this next baby is on the big side.

Any advise/ experiences or reassurance greatly appreciated!

Casmama Sun 18-Jan-15 23:15:51

My first birth was induction, episiotomy, rotational forceps in theater, stitches breaking down and area taking weeks and weeks to heal.
Second birth - spontaneous labour two days before due date, gas and air and 6 minutes of pushing resulting in a slight tear which healed quickly. My second baby was almost 3lbs heavier than my first (8lbs 6 compared to 5lbs 9).

Hope you have an easy birth.

AppleYumYum Mon 19-Jan-15 00:02:23

I think most first births are pretty tough, it seems rare to hear a story of one that went well. Though having said that, they seem to be no indication of how things will go the next time.

My first was overdue, induced, episiotomy, forceps, 9 lb baby. I was constantly worried as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my second, but you know what happens - you get to being very heavily pregnant and you are over it, you're wanting your body back and that baby out! You get things set up for the baby and wash little clothes and you look forward to the baby arriving. You start to care less about how it will go and start thinking ok let me at it.

You can also review your last birth notes with a supervisor of midwives, that can help to make you feel better about why it unfolded the way it did. Each birth will be different, a wise midwife said the best thing to concentrate on was getting your baby in the proper position, that is giving yourself the best shot at a good labour. No reclining back on couches etc.

BiancaDelRio Mon 19-Jan-15 00:05:41

thanks OP you had a rough time.

Just don't make any assumptions about your second birth.

I had a long and straightforward but very painful home birth with DC1.

DC2 was born in August and I ended up having an emergency c section without having a single contraction confused. Not what I expected or wanted but all in all it was much less traumatic than first time and was much easier to recover from.

You never know what is going to happen so try not to worry too much.

bettyboop1970 Mon 19-Jan-15 01:14:29

Sorry to hear you had such a traumatic labour/birth. Congrats on baby #2. All labours/births are unique.
Try not to assume this birth will be the same.
I hope you have a better experience this time.
If it's any help all my births were different.
Baby #1 OK. Baby#2 very bad. Baby3\4 - twins emcs.
Good luck.

fattymcfatfat Wed 21-Jan-15 10:47:14

I also had a difficult labour/birth with my dc1 and hemorrhaged. Was pushing for two labour for 38 (contractions 3 minutes apart at the longest). My dc2 was much easier to get out! I was only pushing for 7 minutes and despite scans saying she would be big she was 50cm and weighed 7lb they are not always right!
Good luck im sure it will be even doing it again!

Threefourknockonthedoor Fri 23-Jan-15 17:53:52

oh my first sounds very similar! interested to read these posts as i suspect i will feel same if/when i get preggo again. Good luck op. Hope your second experience is a positive one x

Heels99 Fri 23-Jan-15 17:56:10

Ask for a section. Lie back pain free and enjoy.

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