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Bandls Ring in first pregnancy, elcs for second?

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glittershoes Wed 14-Jan-15 15:21:31


I have just found out that I am expecting DC2, early days but quite excited!

The only thing is I had a difficult birth with my son; I was induced at 42 weeks, my waters broke with severe meconium in them, I was 4cm when I went up to the labour ward and I remained there for the next 14 hours with the baby's heart rate wildly going up and down and contractions every two minutes. Eventually they did a distress test on my son and rushed me into an emergency c section. Apparently when they got in there they discovered that I had Bandl's ring although afterwards no-one seemed to be able to tell me much about it other than it is very rare.

I am understandably nervous about what will happen this time. I will obviously ask for advice and ideally an appointment with a consultant to talk about the options and risks but have been told by the midwife I spoke to that that would be unlikely and that 'this birth will be different'.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Am I likely to get it again? Would an elective section be the safest option?

In addition to this, if I have an elcs, do then generally do this early or on your due date? Not important I know, but the baby is due two weeks after my son's birthday and ideally I don't want them to have the same birthday!

Thanks in advance!

3littlefrogs Wed 14-Jan-15 15:32:25

Bandl's ring is a late sign of obstructed labour and imminent rupture of the uterus.
It is rare in the Western world because, usually, and ideally, no-one who has had adequate ante natal care and good care in labour should ever get to that stage.

You will be referred for assessment by a consultant obstetrician and decisions about your antenatal care and management will be based on that.

It may well be that you will have an elective section, but you will be able to talk it through with the obstetrician.

Congratulations on your pregnancy.

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